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Farm Animals

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Alpaca’s are fascinatingly ugly animals.With strange clumps of fur, jutting teeth, and eyes that watch you warily at all times; the alpaca is a shifty animal at best. I feel like I must constantly watch out for spit whenever I get near these animals. I have always felt something sinister about them and I think it is because of their teeth.

A face only a mother could love. Every time I look at a llama or alpaca I cringe. Yet for some reason I feel totally fascinated by them. I want to go in closer for a better look but my whole body screams stay back, it bites!

And then there is this guy.

This animal is terrifying in a sinisterly stupid way. Look at its eyes, so focused yet totally vacant, and its teeth just sticking out at odd angles. Evil I declare, and I will stay away because you frighten me. What else can I say?


Travel Update: Napa Part 2

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Part two of our Napa adventure included the most amazing thing I saw all weekend was the Castello de Amorosa. We visited this castle out in the wine country was extraordinary.

My favorite part of the castle was not actually the structure, but the animals around it. Especially the sheep, they cracked me up and made it feel almost like we were back in time at a medieval castle.

It was so quaint and beautiful out there with all the animals. I really enjoyed the sheep but I also made a friend with the castle’s guardian, a little orange tabby cat. He was beautiful and was sitting in an olive tree outside the castle walls.

There were also an array of birds including peacocks and chickens.

It was a lot of fun exploring Napa with my mom and hope to do it again some time but for now the adventure in castles, food and wineries will have to do.


Oregon Sheep

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

I don’t know why but in Oregon there are so many sheep! We passed by dozens upon dozens of sheep flocks throughout Oregon. I must say they are some of the most adorable babies. They resemble my dog…

We pulled over when I spotted this bunch of  sheep, they were too cute to pass by. So I hung out the window to get these pictures of the little guys and their mom. They seemed somewhat amused at the entire spectacle.

These two little cuties were the best. They were adorable but I have to say they didn’t look very smart at all. They just sat there with their mouths hanging open and staring at me. I guess it is warranted that a seventeen year old girl was hanging out of a car with a camera pointed right at them cooing about how cute they were. Either way they looked like a few screws were loose up there and sadly that made them look so much cuter.

I think more farms in California should have sheep, it makes road trips so much more enjoyable. I get tired of cows… seriously. Get sheep much cuter, much more entertaining to look at. My mom and I were almost considering kidnapping a baby sheep and putting it in the back of the car to take home. We decided we shouldn’t though because Gracie would be jealous. One day though, one day I will own a sheep and enjoy its stupid stare all day long.