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Friday, September 30th, 2011

The difference between Venice and Tuscany is dramatic. Escaping from the lovely hurried bustle of life that is Venice for the countryside where time seems to pleasantly crawl by. Everything moves so much slower here and make so much more sense. The simplistic beauty in overlooking acres of vineyards and Tuscan homes is astounding. I felt like I could breathe here, life here, and experience beauty in its most basic form, right here.


During our search for our hotel we stopped in a tiny Tuscan village for a quick stretch break. We found this gigantic monastery, or church at the top of the tiny village that was just marvelous. There are so many flowers here and so much greenery, it just makes everything seems so much more vivid and full of life.

Tuscany just makes me sigh with wonder every time I see the rolling green hills and the beautiful brick houses with laundry lines hanging from windows. It is so peaceful here. Coming from Venice where life is loud, robust, fast, and complicated, Tuscany is a well needed breath of fresh air. Not to say I didn’t enjoy Venice, because I very much did, it was just so refreshing to see two very different lifestyles in Italy that are in such close proximity with each other.

Our hotel was amazing! Hotel Salivolpi was a tiny little farm-house with many little rooms that were so quaint and relaxing, it really felt like a vacation. I could have stayed there for weeks. There was a pool, gardens and all centered right next to vineyard that really was the quintessential feel of Tuscany.

There was even a separate little building to eat breakfast in down a beautifully sloping grassy hill.


It was so nice there, I really hope to go back someday. Not only was the building nice but the people were so kind. Even though I could not speak their language or they mine, there was such a welcoming feeling that it felt like home.

What is Tuscany without its fields of sunflowers?

We stumbled upon a field of sunflowers (that we actually had to hop some fences to get to) that was beyond glorious. It just lit up the whole area like its own personal sun.

What else can I say? I love Tuscany and I can’t wait to go back.


Venice: Alley Ways

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

One amazing thing about Venice are its alley ways. You travel through the heart of the city by walking down twists and turns of alley ways, some lead nowhere while others bring you to your destination. Venice is a labyrinth of alley ways filled with amazing little artisan shops. Every turn you take leads you down a new one, and to new things.


Some are filled with color, others are dark and dank. Some are peaceful and romantic while others are crowded and chaotic. But you can always look up and see beautiful blue sky.

Alley ways are not reserved just for ground, the waterways for intricate alley ways as well with lines of houses and shops surrounding you.


I love the alley ways in Venice because you never know what the next will look like. There is such beauty and variety that you can never get bored.



Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Munich, Germany was the first destination on our European trip and what a place. On this gray rainy day, the city seemed extremely somber. Being a Sunday, all the shops were closed and the city was extremely quite. Silence and quietness are something that seems prevalent in Germany. The people seem to enjoy their silence. Not in a rude or snobbish way, they just appear to be a more silent people who keep many thoughts to themselves. As if they contemplate each word or sentence that comes from there mouth, they seem to keep most words inside as if to spare us if any of the words are not entirely worth hearing; in total opposition to many people I know in the US who talk simply so silence is never heard. It is a calm and almost serene silence but the grey sky brings a sadness to this great city.

The first thing we saw was the city hall building which was more akin to a giant gothic cathedral rather than a government building. It was magnificent, reaching high into the drizzly skies the peaks and spires seemed as if they would tear the sky open.

Decorated in flags and red flowers this building was a worthy monument to stand as the center of attention for the entire city. The large clock tower it its grandeur also has a somewhat childish side and is basically a giant cuckoo clock. Within the green part of the tower are all manner of figurines that upon every hour come to life as the towers ring and music plays and dance and twirl for all to see. Among a rather massive crowd we watched these figures twirl about as the rain started to fall very softly. We went into a cafe right across from the clock tower, high above where we were almost level with the dancing figures. There we had cake. Along with silence, the German people really seem to enjoy their cake. In Germany, it felt like all we ate was cake. For breakfast there was cake, and of course yogurt with cereal on top, for lunch there was more cake, and for dinner there was even more cake. Do not get me wrong, the cake was delicious and there is nothing wrong with massive quantities of cake, I just thought it was an interesting observation to share. In this cafe we had some extremely traditionally German cakes; a warm apple strudel (which technically isn’t cake but i think it still counts) and an interesting fruit cake that is basically a yellow sponge cake with fruit like raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries on top coated in a jello like substance. It was very good and really nice to try some authentically German cuisine because as my friend tells me the rest of German cuisine mainly consists of meat and potatoes, which I also found to be very true. However they are very good meat and potatoes.

I seem to always wind up talking about food, even when there is a beautiful city that still desires attention. Walking through the streets of Munich we passed numerous shop windows filled with tinker toys and tons of little knick-knacks of every kind.

Besides these funny little shops, the architecture is quite amazing. There seem to be clock towers and church spires all around us. Everywhere I look I see some beautiful building in the distance or right next to me.

In a city square of sorts we came upon a structure that at one point was the stand for one of Hitler’s very first speeches to the German people.

It seems like everywhere I go there is so much history hiding in the cracks of the sidewalk and behind building walls. This city is full of life that we barely scratched the surface of in our very short time in the city. With our short ime we were able to go inside one church. It was one of the first things I spotted in Munich, the tall watch tower with the teal dome resting on the top caught my eye from quite a while away from the city’s center.

Nestled within the city streets, this giant resides as if it does not stand tall above all the other buildings. If the towers were not magnificent enough, the inside was astounding as well. With a ceiling framed with window crosshatching, this church had the most amazing ceilings I have ever seen.

In such a large cathedral t is hard not to feel small and insignificant in this house of God. It really was beautiful though, with high arching ceilings, and giant stain glass windows the silence of Germany seemed to be filled with a different sound.

Munich feels full of life that thrives in a contemplative and silent manner. It was amazing to feel the splendor of this city as the first of many amazing cities to come that are all astoundingly different. This place though has the feeling of an antique portrait of a time where life was grand and the people are kind, if not a little strange.

Notice the man in the bottom left hand corner and you will know what I mean.


Joshua Tree

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Joshua Tree in the eye of the beholder, the eye of the adventurer. My mom and I recently visited Joshua Tree National Park down by Palm Springs. A park full of rock pillars and sculptures and very odd looking trees that slightly resemble puffy cacti slapped on the ends of a scruffy looking tree trunk. Odd but intriguing plants.

The first thing we did was visit Barker’s Dam. It was a nice little hike out to a small lake and a very old looking dam.

Reflections truly are a beautiful thing, it always makes me wonder if there is always another mirror image of every single thing on earth, and we just don’t know it. I feel like reflections give us a brief glimpse of this other world of upsides and opposites. They are beautiful, especially with the rich blues and bright red rocks contrasting. It really is one of my favorite types of landscapes to shoot.

On our way back from the dam we visited a petroglyph site which was my favorite part of the trip. It was this big monolith of a rock with a dug out little alcove in it high above the ground where nestled inside were old cave drawings from native americans. I climbed up the rock and into the alcove to get a better look at them. Being so close to these old drawings was an awe inspiring experience. To feel so near history, to something so ancient that it is hard to fathom. It was remarkable, not to mention the scenery you could see from inside there.

After that we visited the Arch Rock which was a spectacular arch of red rock in a canyon of giant boulders. It was so cool to look around at this desert rocky landscape and photography it.

OVerall Joshua Tree was a very nice national park and the petroglyphs were definitely the best part. The cacti were pretty amazing as well. Another park down for the travel buddies.


Adorable yet Evil Animals

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

The peacock is a truly┬ámagnificent animal with dazzling colors, long majestic feathers, and beautiful patterns. However it is actually a relatively mean animal. There is something scary about them like they are constantly trying to figure out the best method of attack to send you running and screaming in the other direction. I think it is the black beady eyes always watching you even when it seems like it isn’t.

Why do all the really cute or beautiful animals have to be the really dangerous or mean ones? It seems a cruel trick to give such magnificent feathers to a bird that scream, sure get closer to take a better look at my feathers so I can attack you. Other examples include raccoons and polar bears. Raccoons are adorable so it doesn’t really make sense that they are so incredibly mean and evil. Polar bears are beautiful and I want to hug one but they would bite my head off, literally. They are incredibly dangerous despite their cuddly looks and adorable behaviors. It just isn’t fair. Oh well, I will just have to adore these beautiful but dangerous animals from a far, but not too far that my camera can’t get a good shot.


Begonia Festival Part 1

Monday, September 6th, 2010

This was the first year I got to attend the Capitola Begonia Festival.

This first part consisted of the Sand Castle Contest. Some of them were quite interesting.

My favorites where the giant great white sand castle, and the giant sand sculpture of Poseidon and the BP oil spill.

This one was definitely the best, it had a message about the BP Oil Spill and of course the quality of the sculpture was amazing. The eyes and teeth made out of shells where so amazing and life-like. The seaweed oil spill was an interesting and unique touch as well. It was the last one on the beach and looking out over the whole crowd was quite a spectacle.

It was interesting looking at all of the people. It was a mob of beach goers all looking and appreciating the work of these sand artists.

I am glad I went, Part two will be coming up next.


I Miss You

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Can I even begin to explain to you just how much I miss this? Beautiful sky, lying on the beach just watching clouds roll by in eighty degree weather. Can I even begin?


Travel Update: Hawaii

Thursday, December 17th, 2009


My family and I have officially arrived at Mauna Lani Bay Resort in Hawaii. I can’t begin to explain just how excited I am to be here. It is sunny, warm, and beautiful. I am rather fond of leis myself. My brother loves leis for another reason, because he gets to say he got layed in Hawaii. Yes, he is a teenage boy and can’t help making sexual innuendos everywhere he goes.

For the next six days I will be residing in a small piece of paradise. I can’t wait to see what will happen along my vacation. I remember a lot from the last time I was in Hawaii…. when I was I third grade. I have only been once and can’t wait to make new experiences. Stay tuned….