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Hidden Hearts

Monday, December 13th, 2010

She leaves her hearts
In the strangest of places
Hidden around the world
Each heart for its owner
Who lost it long ago
But she kept them safe
In the dark of the night
Making sure their fire
Never truly died
Keeping them alive
In the darkest of hours
Nursing them back to life
After they were broken
After they were discarded
With the drop of a hat
She is the keeper of the hearts
Holding each within her own
Waiting on the outskirts
For when it is finally time
To return them to their owners
The empty ones
The ones without purpose
Living a meaningless life
She waits ever patient
The unsung hero of hearts
Who keeps the fire of life burning
In this ever darkening world
As long as the hidden hearts remain
There is hope for humanity

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Reeds and Greens

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

At Natural Bridges State Park in California there is a spectacular little lagoon that looks like the ground it is so filled with mosses. The entire water is green and looks solid enough to walk on even though there are ducks swimming in it. Life seems to spring from it, with long stretching reeds that reach outward like arms and old logs reposing in the green water. There is something about this green lagoon that is erie and beautiful, maybe it is the illusion, or maybe it is just the presence of life all around. I hope to go back very soon and see it again.



Saturday, September 4th, 2010

There is a relationship between all living things, a dependence, a connection that you have to look very closely to find. Yet at times it is so obvious you would have to be blind not to notice. A bee’s romance with the flower it seeks life from. A child’s connection to its mother as they grow old together with a bond that surpasses that of genetics. Or the look in an animals eye as it looks upon a potential predator but neither make a menacing move. It is a dance, a balance between one beings life and another’s. Can you see it, the connection, the relationships of the world around you. If you can’t now, start looking before it is too late to look at the harmony in the world around you. It is beautiful.



Thursday, August 19th, 2010

I always call chipmunks chippies now from a summer of hearing them being called that up in Northern Michigan. It is almost instinctual but after I saw it I always stop and wonder, did I really just call that chipmunk a chippy? Then I remember, yes, I have spent way to long using Yooper slang.

Anyway, this cute little chippy was in Yellowstone out by the confluence of the Yellowstone River and the Llamar River. He was definitely the smallest chipmunk I have ever seen. You can sort of tell by the proportion of that piece of grass to his entire body. I just love how he is precariously perched in the bush just munching away.

It is interesting that some of the most common wildlife can still be so extraordinary at times. I ask myself how I can appreciate this little guy so much when I have pictures of other more rare wildlife like a red-tailed fox and a black bear that seem so hard to compare to this picture. Still, I find even the most common of wildlife amazes me. It isn’t the animal, or its rarity that appeals to me but rather the idea that it is life in its most raw and savage form. Even these little cute guys, it is nature, it is life, and to capture any level of life within the eye of my camera is an extraordinary experience.


Santa Cruz

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I love living in Santa Cruz, the people, the culture, the lifestyles. Everything about Santa Cruz is different. I love it because I enjoy people, I don’t have to go far to find a character, someone interesting to talk to, people who have lived life and want to share. There is so much potential here and that is what I love. Art lingers beneath the surface of everything. This is home.

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

My question for you today is this; do you believe in dichotomy? Are there really only two sides, two options, black or white. One side or another to choose from. Or is there a third path that is yet undiscovered that you must find before you travel.

I believe it is easier to think of the world in black and white because it makes the world a little less complicated. But that doesn’t mean it is true or right. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, as I say and it is true. It can be hard though trying to find the third path in life. There is no denying the fact that the third road is the hardest to travel because it is unpaved. Many people believe in a dichotomous world because it is much easier to travel the well beaten path. This is not how I live, this is not how I think anyone should live.

So I say, seek the untraveled path and find a new way. Escape the black and white to live in a new world that you create.



Friday, February 5th, 2010

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The Final Bow

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Why is it that right before some plants die they become so beautiful? Like this one, it was so colorful yet so close to its death.

Is it to remind us what we will be missing when it finally is gone? One last bang to always remain in our minds. It is like a person’s final bow as they look at the audience, with a wide grin that speaks miles. It says

It has been a good run, through the ups and downs, the good and the bad, it all turned out. It was a good long run and now it is over. A final goodbye.

Or maybe it is a desperate plea to hold on to life. A denial of the next step. Its beauty blossoms fully, trying to make up for all the time lost and spent on other things.

But my question is, did it work?

Did all your beauty, all your effort change that the end was so near? And if not, then what was the effort for? Was it for yourself? Trying to cling on what you know you will miss forever, or one last laugh at all who laughed at you. Tell me your secrets, I am listening. To the young, the old, the living and the dead. I am listening and waiting for your answer always and forever.


If Only it was that Simple

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

All the things we see around us everyday we start to take for granted after a while. One way I combat this is trying to look at things in a different way. Here is a simple recipe to remind you of the greatness of everyday things (or things you simply become very acquainted with) :

  1. Look at it from a different angle. Whether it is standing only centimeters away from it so you can see the dust standing on the tip of a needle, or in this cause a cactus, or looking at it upside down. The world can be viewed through a million different angles. Pick one and use it to change your perspective.
  2. Every person sees from a different angle, so maybe just try looking through another persons eyes. Have a friend or just some random person describe the object in great detail while you have your eyes closed. Is it the same as you would have described it? If it isn’t think about it, why would that person see it the way they do rather than the way you do?
  3. Think about why you come in contact with this object so often. Just choose a random object you deal with in your everyday life, and think about that object. How different would life be without it? Would you miss it? Or do you need it at all? And if you don’t need it then why are you using it?
  4. Look closer, not just physically moving closer but look at what it is. People take things for face value way too often. Everything is made out of smaller things. Understand that what you see is not a single object but many. Look at all the tiny details you always look past and fully appreciate how complex life truly is.

Instead of just accepting things the way they are, question. It is the only true form of living, to seek knowledge and awareness. You can only have this if you make the effort though. So tomorrow look at something right up close or lie on your back and look at it from upside down. Appreciate what you have, appreciate every detail that is put into life around you. Nothing is as simple as it seems.

How do you ensure that the things in your life aren’t taken for ranted, share your methods for appreciating and understanding life that happens everyday all around you?



Saturday, January 9th, 2010

The fragility of life
Is a very scary thing
The thought that
All you ever have worked at
Is for nothing
With just a cut
A scratch
Your life could be taken away
An accident
A slip
Could send you astray
That your life
Could all just be
Another burning ash
In a cigarette try
Just a walk
Could be your last
A fight with family
Could bring an end
So very fast
Just a word softly uttered
Could end it all
A little slip
Could wind up
Being a very big fall
Showing you that
You really are
Insignificant and small
Just a speck
In the eyes of all others
In the face of God
Every bone, every muscle
Every word
Every moment
Could be taken away
Ripped from you
With just a thought
Your world destroyed
Never to return
And no one
Would ever know
That you were gone

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