December 13th, 2010

She leaves her hearts
In the strangest of places
Hidden around the world
Each heart for its owner
Who lost it long ago
But she kept them safe
In the dark of the night
Making sure their fire
Never truly died
Keeping them alive
In the darkest of hours
Nursing them back to life
After they were broken
After they were discarded
With the drop of a hat
She is the keeper of the hearts
Holding each within her own
Waiting on the outskirts
For when it is finally time
To return them to their owners
The empty ones
The ones without purpose
Living a meaningless life
She waits ever patient
The unsung hero of hearts
Who keeps the fire of life burning
In this ever darkening world
As long as the hidden hearts remain
There is hope for humanity

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6 Responses to “Hidden Hearts”

  1. Dyana Zweng says:

    Monica, I loved this! Regina showed me this photo from the fieldtrip. We saw a huge heart shaped stone in Peru at Machupichu that is in honor of “Pachamama” who is an earth goddess in the Incan religion. I found a tiny stone heart-shaped rock that day at the same beach. Very much enjoyed your poem.

  2. monica says:

    It is amazing where we find hearts isn’t it? The idea that maybe, just maybe they were placed there is interesting to explore. Thanks for reading, it means a lot!

  3. Peggie Lopez says:


  4. Patty Burgdorf says:

    ahhhhh, Very nice interpretation I love the ending, very positive.
    I carried one around with me for years that I found on the beach.

  5. regina says:

    I love this one and the photograph. I’ve been finding heart shaped rocks too and I love how you made a story to go along with the hearts

  6. Val Peyser says:

    This is my favorite!