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Monday, October 12th, 2009

The woman sits
Her third eye gone blind
Once one with sight
Is cursed and damned
She foretold a world
Without boundaries
Filled with hate and despair
Where man turned against
His brother and sister
A fate wound tight
With deception and fear
So they gouged out her eyes
And sealed her fate
Out of fear disguised
As anger and hate
But she could hear
Through their petty lies
They were scared
Of this world foretold
And decided instead
To kill the messenger
Two birds with one stone
She could see everything
But nothing at all
She didn’t even see
Her own decided fate
Sealed by a hand that quaked
She could hear the dead talking
And the living moan
But the simple prophet
Just wished to be left alone
To abandon her burden
And simply go home
She wanted nothing
But received the world
Balanced delicately
Atop her head
One step
One mistake
Could mean a great fall
Under the weight
She faltered
And spilled out her words
Meant only for gods
Not the poor common soul
So she was punished
Forever to be the damned prophet
Of a forgotten age
But an unforgettable name
The seer with no sight
Just a girl
A child
Given the gift of night
Filled with shadows and deceit
That waited ever patiently
For just the right time
She is now a woman
With a regret
And a third eye gone blind

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