September 22nd, 2011

One amazing thing about Venice are its alley ways. You travel through the heart of the city by walking down twists and turns of alley ways, some lead nowhere while others bring you to your destination. Venice is a labyrinth of alley ways filled with amazing little artisan shops. Every turn you take leads you down a new one, and to new things.


Some are filled with color, others are dark and dank. Some are peaceful and romantic while others are crowded and chaotic. But you can always look up and see beautiful blue sky.

Alley ways are not reserved just for ground, the waterways for intricate alley ways as well with lines of houses and shops surrounding you.


I love the alley ways in Venice because you never know what the next will look like. There is such beauty and variety that you can never get bored.

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One Response to “Venice: Alley Ways”

  1. Aunt Karen says:

    Hi Monica – I am catching up on your blog too! Love all the pics of Europe and had some good grins on the comments. I loved the pic of the flying pigeon in Venice from the 15th – they do have their beauty. Though I understand the sentiment, it is of benefit to get past the “gross rats with wings” feeling and look at the real beauty pigeons have. A fellow birder suggested to me “Don’t be a bird snob” and I find it helps to look for the beauty in the every day birds that are often exceptional for someone visiting from elsewhere. Remember the passenger pigeon! Anyhow, looking forward to the info and pics on Berkley and beyond. Have fun! Lots of love, Aunt Karen