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Sari Colors

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

This was a strange combination of the elegant colors of a sari and the manufactured colors of a theme park. The bubble-gum pinks and orange creamsicle with the elegance of a deep blue. Yes, this is where cultures meet and ideas clash. I rather enjoy this, when things don’t work together but somehow manage to co-exist.  In the small place where these two things meet there is an understanding, a harmony that is not found anywhere else.


Coffee Shop

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Every chair occupied
Tables covered
Newspapers open
Showing crime
All born by man
Incessant clicking
Of fingers
Swiftly moving
On keyboards
Coffee beans ground
Thick heavy scent
Of coffee
Mixed, tainted
By the ugly scent
Of humans
So many blank
Open faces
Trying unsuccessfully
To communicate
With one another
But the space
Between them
Is just too far
The gap of worlds
To large to cross
Open mouths
Lacking any sound
Hand gestures
To a blind man
A woman sits
In the far corner
Big teeth
Open abyss
Consuming all
Putting nothing out
People talk
But nothing
Ever comes out
They just have
Nothing to say
Wishing out of habit
Not necessity
Here in a coffee shop
So close
Yet so far from the world
Coffee and people
So very different
Forced to live
In silent harmony

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