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Show Me

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Show me what it means to be you
Pour out your soul
Let me look into the pool
It leaves behind
What will I see in the reflection
Will it be just you
Looking back at me
With somber eyes
And thin face that doesn’t smiles
Or will I see something
I will wish I had not
A demon or just the otherside
The side you never show
That hides behind you silent eyes
Just draw and let me see
What comes out to see me
Will you use black or grey
To outline your mind
Or will there be color
Spring out which
I never thought I would find
Is there something left in there
You have been hiding from me
Is there life left
In your dead eyes
Silently looking back at me
Is there love
Is there mercy
Is their feeling
Tucked away deep inside
In a place
You keep just for yourself
That you hide far from the world
Trying to protect what little
Is sacred in your heart
Will you show me
And open up you heart
Draw it
Write it
Or scream it out loud
Please just do something
So I know not to give up
So I know you’re still alive
So I know to keep digging
No matter what horrors I find
Because somewhere in there
Is the person
I once knew and loved
Please show me
What happened to you?

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Mirror Infinity

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009


I took this photo of my cousin just for fun with the mirrors reflecting making the infinity look. Very cool, thanks Doug for the face….

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Friday, October 2nd, 2009

I stand alone
But never truly alone
I see myself in the mirror
But it doesn’t follow me
It shakes a finger
I wave it waves
Copies me but not me
I wonder if it is
Another world
Boring world
All you do is copy others
Sounds familiar
Mimic me
Let me see
Show me the greatest you can be
Not much

It steps from the mirror
A barren lake
She grabs me pulling me through
Her eyes empty and black
Hair tattered, a mess
Skin pale and sticky
She pulls me into the water
Drowning in her arms
Mimic me, mimic this
Take my breath a deadly kiss
Drowning slowly
It laughs at me
Your mine now
She whispers into my ear

She steps from the mirror
I am stuck
I am dead she lives
I watch
Her hair straightens
Her eyes gain color, life
Skin grows warm
She looks back and winks
Mimic me, mimic this bitch
She laughs
I pound against glass as she laughs
Stuck forever drowning
In another world
A boring world
I give up

She walks like me
Talks like me
Breathes like me
She is me in very way
I can only watch sadly
From the other world
She is living my life
Hugging my family
Kissing my boyfriend
Living in my room
I scream at how unfair it is
She looks at me
Every morning and laughs
Mimic me, mimic this stupid bitch
What did I do to deserve this
Nothing bitch just mimic this
I never do
I just watch my life pass me by

Years pass, I wait
A child in her arms
My baby, my husband
She mocks me
Shows me my beautiful life
Well what would have been
Mimic me mimic this stupid dead bitch
So I finally do
I become a mimic
Of what I used to be
Copying me but not really me
I am dead
She lives but I swear
I will get her
Stupid bitch

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