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Utah Road Trip Day 1

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Today was a driving day. With each days goal in mind we have set out again on another road trip to try to grasp just one corner of nature’s beauty and try to hold onto it. AS always, our beautiful country has so many wonders it is near impossible to see them all. But that will never deter my attempts. The following week my mother and I will be doing a road trip around all of southern Utah, seeing national parks, hiking, running, photographing, and having a generally awesome time together in the desert sun.

Utah is one of my favorite places to visit because it has such astounding beauty that is unlike any beauty i can seen near me. Red rocks, canyons, desert expanses that stretch for miles, and of course the bluest skies you will ever see. Our trip began today hours before dawn heading out to St. George, UT, right past Las Vegas. This means that our day was entirely full of about thirteen hours of driving without any planned stops along the way. However any good road tripper can find amazing little adventures and detours to occupy time and make the day seem less daunting and more fun. Our first stop was to take pictures of dilapidation.

One thing about desert is that there is no end to the amazingly broken down and graffitied houses on the side of the road. It just so happens these are some of my favorite things to photograph. So we pulled off down a tiny road and found three old homes that had long since pasted their prime days.

Shells of their former self, gutted, empty and abandoned, left only for the sun and time to slowly peel away the paint off the walls, these houses are the definition of desolation. Here they are simply forgotten remnants of a life no one seems to care to remember. They have a sadness and a mystery that hangs from the broken ceiling beams that I find extremely alluring.

Speaking of forgotten desolate places, our next stop was a tiny ghost town that could hardly be called that. Just a few miles from Mojave Desert National Park is Silver Lake, or what little is left of it. An old Talc mining town, today there are only a few scarce building foundations buried in sand and a cemetery with a few solitary head stones.

On a happier note we then made our way to the Devil’s Playground in Sin City, yes Las Vegas. We stopped to gorge ourselves on the Bellagio’s glorious buffet and do a little shopping in 100 degree weather. Look I even have proof

As usual the food was glorious and we had to sample all sorts of delectable treats that elsewhere we would never find.

We also explored the gardens in the Bellagio which were beautiful and with some sort of American patriot theme.

So here we are after the first of many days to come of adventure. Tomorrow the fun really begins with our first national parks including Zion, Cedar Breaks, and Bryce Canyon. I can’t wait but for now we can only wait for dawn to come and watch the sun slip away behind a veil of red.


Road Trip: Zion & KA

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

We are staying another night in Vegas but during the daytime my mom and I took a day trip up to Zion National Park in Utah.

The park was really beautiful, it reminded us a lot about Yosemite in California except it was in the desert and with red rocks. We went on two hikes today, up to the lower, then upper Emerald pools and after that we headed up to the top of the park to go hike in Zion’s Narrows. It was really hot out and slightly hard to hike in but we had a lot of fun and had some great views of the park.

We met a nice Israeli couple on our trip and we became photo buddies. We would take a picture of them together with their camera then they would do that for us. We basically leap frogged up to the Emerald Pools and met up again on the shuttle up to the Narrows. It was really fun meeting them and I liked his Yamaka.

The Narrows were not quite what I was expecting but that is because we didn’t get to go up all the way. The Narrows is the very top of Zion where the road narrows to just a river. So to get into the Narrows you have to hike up a river with high currents and deep water.

After we left Zion we had to book it back to Vegas because we had a showing of Cirque du Soleil’s KA. I have been trying to go to a Cirque du Soleil show so naturally I was psyched out of my mind.

KA is a show about two twins that get separated by another tribe of warriors and their journey’s. The show was beyond amazing. The music, acrobatics, costumes, and everything else was mind-blowing. I wish I could have taken photos to show just how amazing the show was. Sadly we weren’t allowed to take photos so you will just have to take my word for it.

It was a perfect ending to a very long but fun day.


Road Trip 2010: Las Vegas

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Day one of my journey to Michigan by car began today at 4:30. I miss the rest of my family already and my dog. The first day of our trip ended in Las Vegas Nevada. First thing I am going to say is this: IT WAS 111 DEGREES OUT WHEN WE ENTERED NEVADA!!

I thought it being sunny was brutal but this heat was unbearable. I kept seeing cars on the side of the road overheated and I felt so horrible for those people and grateful at the same time because if we hadn’t gotten the new car that would probably be us on the side of the road. Our trip out was relatively uneventful but fun. I watched the Hangover in the car to prepare myself for staying in Cesar’s Palace.

These hotels on the strip are so amazingly cool in my mind because last time we went to Vegas we spent a majority of the time in an R.V. park. So in comparison it is amazingly nice. Sadly I didn’t feel good at all for the first part of our time in the Hotel. I had to get over feeling bad though because my favorite part of Vegas was coming up. Eating at the Bellagio buffet. Sad I know that I look forward to food so much but this buffet is the best thing in the entire world. My biggest regret last time I was in Vegas was not getting to¬† try the desserts because they looked amazing.

Naturally I fixed that this year by taking every type of desert they had and taking one bite out of each. It was fun but to say that I was stuffed by the end is a gross understatement. So much fun! We spent some time walking around the Bellagio and checking out there cool gardens which consisted of animal sculptures made from flowers and giant glass flowers.

The frog was my favorite out of the bees, lady bugs and snails. After the Bellagio we went back to Cesar’s to do a little shopping. It has been a long day and tomorrow is going to be a longer one. Stay tuned for more stories about the rest of the trip!

P.S. I will be posting more elaborate stories on the parts of this day in later posts when my schedule isn’t so hectic.


Travel Update: Michigan Road Trip

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Tomorrow morning at 4 o’clock my mom and I will be beginning again our yearly road trip to Michigan. This time around we are swinging low down to the blistering southern states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and so on. Everyday I will be updating my blog with details about our trip like Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Monument Valley and more. So stay tuned to see if I survive another road trip up to Michigan. This one is going to be long and hot but hopefully all worth it!


Rock Pile Art

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

CIMG9655 CIMG9778 CIMG9918

One of my hobbies is making rock pile art. It is a lot of fun but can be frustrating at times. Especially when there is a pack of wild little children Hell bent on knocking them over every time you build a new one!

But that isn’t the point. I make rock pile art all over the place. Just spreading a bit of man made beauty.

These are some rock piles that I made on my family’s trip down to Las Vegas. Fun idea, not such a success in reality. But hey, we tried it, that has to count for something doesn’t it? We did see some cool things on our way but five people in a R.V. is just not for me. Say what you want but I would much rather go in a car than an R.V.

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Flan Pac Man

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

CIMG9831 This was a dessert I had at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. I made him look like a Pac Man.

Some how this picture is slighty depressing and at the same time makes me laugh until I cry.

If any of you have ever eaten at the buffet at the Bellagio, you know what I am talk about when I say:


I don’t know how or why, but this food was the best meal I have ever eaten, and there was every type of food also from sushi, to pasta, to Alaskan crab legs. AMAZING My only regret is that I ate so much food that I didn’t actually eat the fabulous dessert. And they were quite fabulous.

If you haven’t eaten there, you have to. Experience of a life time, I swear by it. Even though we waited in like an hour and a half line. It was so worth it, every second of it.

Just go there, if you are in Vegas, go. Nothing else to say about that.