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Avalanche Lily

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

My mom and I went on a beautiful hike at Mt. Rainier, Washington. We went through a field of wild flowers like these ones, along with many lupines, and others that I cannot begin to name. Flowers light up my life 😀


Creeper Photo: Red Hair

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

I just loved your hair, it had such a life of it’s own and really complimented everything about you. I saw you inside and didn’t get a picture of you and I was really sad but as soon as I walked outside there you were just sitting there eating your lunch overlooking Mt. Rainier. It was perfect. The wind kept throwing your hair around and making the red really light up. Anyways I just wanted to tell you, I love your hair and don’t change it.


Travel Update: Long Beach

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Yesterday we stayed over night in Aberdeen Washington in a nice location on Heron Street. It was very aptly named because in the morning behind the hotel on a really nice water way there were tons of great blue herons flying back and forth.

I love looking at these majestic great blue herons but I have to say, blue herons make one of the most ugly calls I have ever heard from a pretty bird. It is like the sound of an animal being strangled and it is just so guttural and loud. It is a very gross sound for such a nice bird.

After that we started heading south along the Washington coast all the way down to Long Beach Washington where we were going to meet one of my good friends Mackenzie and her family who stay in a cabin there sometimes. It was a huge but wonderful coincidence that we were both there at the same time. We got to hang out and go around Long Beach looking for adventure. Our adventures started with driving on the beach; Long Beach, Washington is one of the biggest driving beaches in the U.S. with 26 miles of beach driving.

The beach was really nice but it was a little nerve-racking to drive on a beach with a brand new car. We really didn’t want to get stuck. I enjoyed it a lot because I had only been there once in eighth grade when Mackenzie took me there in the summer for a week. It was so strange being back there after such a long time and visit the places I had about four years ago.

We headed over to Oysterville after the beach drive to take a look at the massive piles of shucked oyster shells. It did smell a little but it was so cool to look at just mounds and mounds of oyster shells.

It was great to see my friend and after that we headed down to Ashland Oregon where the Shakespeare festival is held. It was a beautiful city and we ate right nest to a creek. It was a long day, but our last on our road trip back home from Michigan.



Sunday, November 15th, 2009


You know you are in Seattle when one room in a building has four different cans for recycling. I mean seriously, that is a little absurd. I am all for recycling but four? Really, four?

This is in University of Washington for those wondering where this phenomena occurred.

I guess this post is for my dad, the recycling man of our house. I guess we don’t have it so bad, because he could have four different cans for us to recycle with. Don’t get any ideas….


Creeper Photo of the Day: Run

Friday, November 13th, 2009


Little kid running at University of Washington. I have the same sweatshirt…. yeah.


Crab Pot

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

I am a huge fan of the television show called Man v. Food on the travel channel. So naturally when in Seattle I checked out the places he went to on his show, one of them was a seafood eatery called the Crab Pot. It has something called a Sea Feast, and it truly is. They bring out a giant pot filled with crab, mussels, clams, sausage, potatoes, and shrimp, then dump it onto your table. There are no forks or knives just a mallet and a little picking fork. It really is a battle with your food.

CIMG1775 CIMG1768

My mom and I had a lot of fun going at our food. Personally I was having fun with the shrimp that were still full clothed. I named mine Jerry. Then I ate him. Sorry Jerry.

Anyway, the food was good and I learned some new things about myself.

  1. I am a master at de-shelling crab. I would get in there with my mallet, whack the crap out of it and like magic the entire piece of crab meat would come out untouched and ready for devouring. Yes, I am just that talented.
  2. I don’t like mussels or clams. I had never tried them before so I tired them there. They just don’t work with me, what can I say.
  3. I am definitely a kid at heart. I basically played with my food the entire time. It is hard not to when they give you a bib, a hammer and a pile full of food and say go at it. I mean what did they expect? My dad would have had a lot of fun there I believe.

It is a good place to just act like a kid and get messy with your food, and don’t be afraid to play with your food. They give you a whole roll of wet naps basically when you are done. Seriously though, you use all of them. It is really messy, really fun, and I recommend going for some fun food in Seattle.

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Space Needle

Saturday, November 7th, 2009


Of course going to Seattle entitles the Space Needle. Very impressive from the outside but it wasn’t really so amazing from the inside. This may partly be contributed to the fact that I don’t do well in elevators (not because I am claustrophobic, but because I get really dizzy).

But really, it wasn’t that great. You go up, say oh, ah at the view, and then go back down and leave. Frankly the monorail ride over was just as exciting if not more.

I do believe you have to see it just to say you have been to it, but otherwise not on my top ten list of things to see in Seattle. Anyways, I liked this photo of it, it was very tall and majestic.

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Fremont Troll

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

So on our tour of Seattle we took a stop at the Fremont Troll which is a giant sculpture of a troll underneath a bridge. Creative and weird. I enjoyed it very much.


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Pike Place Market

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

IMG_7880 IMG_7763

Pike Place Market in Seattle really was an extraordinary experience. There were so many people, so many colors, and so much life. People just offer you food, sing and laugh, it really is a place to see. There will be many more photos from here coming up so stay tuned.

Oh and a lady walked into the back of a car and whipped out. Funny but sad.

Here are some color pictures of the market. The first is a dried pepper chain, (mom bought one) and of course the classic fruit line up. I can’t wait to go back again.


Washington Plane and Arrival

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Well what can I say, it’s Seattle and it’s beautiful. I really love it here. Weather isn’t so bad, windy mostly with just a little rain last night. So far the journey has been great. Our flight went smoothly with lots of beautiful sunset pictures from an airplane window ( from my normal taking pictures from a car window to  a plane window.)


We had a very witty flight attendant announcer also. She was full of humor yesterday I guess with lines like “Well duh, we just have to make this announcement everyday!” (in regards to smoking on the plane). Very interesting indeed, the world is full of strange people.

I think I am magic when it comes to baggage claim because I used my powers to make both our bags appear first. So we got out of there fast and got our car which is a nice Toyota corolla. The place where we picked up our car was very strange. It had a bird noise imitator that just kept going off routinely indoors. I didn’t quite understand the allure in it because it was extremely annoying. Oh and our GPS that we got was a total piece of crap. Besides that everything is good. Tomorrow University of Washington.

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