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Yellowstone: Roadside Friend

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

While I was in Yellowstone, I met a new friend along the roadside. There was a coyote trotting in the middle of the road when we drove by. He would not get out of the road to let us pass. So we spent a good ten minutes with him. Every time he would move to the side of the road we would make to pass him, but he would dart out in front of us as if he was trying to keep us there. It was very strange.

He was a beautiful creature but had clearly been in a fight, his ear was mangled and bloody and had scars on his muzzle. I of course was hanging out of the window trying to get a photo of him as I always do. My training on the road trips to Michigan really paid off with my camera ninja skills.

We finally departed from our new roadside friend to go seek out more adventures in the majestic Yellowstone.


Creeper Photo: Left Behind

Monday, November 16th, 2009


You seemed upset, maybe you missed your ride home, maybe your boyfriend stood you up. You were just standing there next to the road at a bus stop. There were lots of people but you stood alone. Maybe your anger isolates you. Or maybe you just wanted to be alone. I wish I had asked. I like your scarf by the way.

Maybe I will write a poem about you, if so I will post it later so you won’t be alone.


Washington Plane and Arrival

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Well what can I say, it’s Seattle and it’s beautiful. I really love it here. Weather isn’t so bad, windy mostly with just a little rain last night. So far the journey has been great. Our flight went smoothly with lots of beautiful sunset pictures from an airplane window ( from my normal taking pictures from a car window to  a plane window.)


We had a very witty flight attendant announcer also. She was full of humor yesterday I guess with lines like “Well duh, we just have to make this announcement everyday!” (in regards to smoking on the plane). Very interesting indeed, the world is full of strange people.

I think I am magic when it comes to baggage claim because I used my powers to make both our bags appear first. So we got out of there fast and got our car which is a nice Toyota corolla. The place where we picked up our car was very strange. It had a bird noise imitator that just kept going off routinely indoors. I didn’t quite understand the allure in it because it was extremely annoying. Oh and our GPS that we got was a total piece of crap. Besides that everything is good. Tomorrow University of Washington.

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Death of a Toy

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

I was driving
Up a long twisty road
Guarded on both sides
By trees standing tall
They hunch over the road
Creating a great canopy
As they try to peer
Into the car’s windows
Hidden among them
Are small homes
Like rabbit holes
Nestled safely away
In a bed of evergreen
I drive along
But something rolls
Out in front of me
A tennis ball
Bounced its way toward the road
I thought nothing of it
Then I saw the little boy
He ran with arms outstretched
Eyes on only the ball
Just like daddy told him
He ran blindly into the road
After his renegade ball
Right in front of my car
I slam on the brakes
And hear the squeal
Of burning rubber
I push against the wheel
As I hear the ball
Pop under my tire
The little boy looks up
Right into my eyes
The car screams
I scream
And squeeze my eyes shut
I can hear a mother screaming
Who will never
See her son grow or succeed
Who had fate snatch away
The little amount of joy
In her sad lonely life
But then I open my eyes
The ball bounces
In front of my car
I turn slightly
And see that little boy
Standing on the edge
Of the evergreen road
On the edge of safety and sanity
Watching the death of a toy
I start to cry
All I can think is
See how thin the line
Is between me
And a murderer
Or is there a difference at all

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