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Shout Out: Chef Mackenzie

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

I just got back from a brief but wonderful visit with one of my oldest and best friends who now resides in Napa, California. Yes, that does mean I have an awesome excuse to visit the beautiful wine country just a short car ride away from Berkeley. She attends the Culinary Institute of America in Napa training to be a chef and baker! Yes, she is that cool.

She showed me the place where she gets to learn how to cook and make pastries at the CIA and I was a little jealous. It is so different from the life I am living at college here at UC Berkeley that it was refreshing and new.

It was so great seeing her because she is about to head out on an amazing adventure to Nantucket where she will be doing her externship. Though I will miss her dearly, I know she is going to have so much fun. I know our last little visit sure was fun, including chasing giant rabbits, walks on railroad tracks, long talks, awesome food, lots of laughs, and best of all swimming at night in a pool with all our clothes on! So here is my little ode to Macky. I miss you already and have a spectacular time in Nantucket.


Travel Update: Long Beach

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Yesterday we stayed over night in Aberdeen Washington in a nice location on Heron Street. It was very aptly named because in the morning behind the hotel on a really nice water way there were tons of great blue herons flying back and forth.

I love looking at these majestic great blue herons but I have to say, blue herons make one of the most ugly calls I have ever heard from a pretty bird. It is like the sound of an animal being strangled and it is just so guttural and loud. It is a very gross sound for such a nice bird.

After that we started heading south along the Washington coast all the way down to Long Beach Washington where we were going to meet one of my good friends Mackenzie and her family who stay in a cabin there sometimes. It was a huge but wonderful coincidence that we were both there at the same time. We got to hang out and go around Long Beach looking for adventure. Our adventures started with driving on the beach; Long Beach, Washington is one of the biggest driving beaches in the U.S. with 26 miles of beach driving.

The beach was really nice but it was a little nerve-racking to drive on a beach with a brand new car. We really didn’t want to get stuck. I enjoyed it a lot because I had only been there once in eighth grade when Mackenzie took me there in the summer for a week. It was so strange being back there after such a long time and visit the places I had about four years ago.

We headed over to Oysterville after the beach drive to take a look at the massive piles of shucked oyster shells. It did smell a little but it was so cool to look at just mounds and mounds of oyster shells.

It was great to see my friend and after that we headed down to Ashland Oregon where the Shakespeare festival is held. It was a beautiful city and we ate right nest to a creek. It was a long day, but our last on our road trip back home from Michigan.



Thursday, September 24th, 2009


Shout out of the day goes to my bestie, Mackenzie. I love you, thanks for putting up with me and giving me a shoulder to lean on when I need it most!

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