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Message In A Bottle

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

There is a message in a bottle
Somewhere out there for me
Lost among stormy seas
And faraway lands
I don’t know whom it is from
Or when it will arrive
But I know
It is out there somewhere
Searching for me
To deliver its message
It kept safe for me
It survived the winds
The hurricanes at sea
The harsh unmerciful waves
Passed from hand to hand
Sea to sea
I know it will find me someday
And that day when it arrives at last
I will find it among the rocks
Nestled and safe
Waiting just for me
Inside is a letter
About what I do not know
Just a small little note
From an author unknown
Telling me a secret
I have lived my whole life just to know
For now I am waiting
With my eyes turned to the sea
Watching for the glint of a bottle
Lost at sea