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Life Update

Friday, February 16th, 2018

I have some exciting news to share with all of you:

I am writing a book.

The first reason I want to tell you this is accountability. Telling you about my idea for a book, which has only existed within the confines of my mind for some years now, is the first step towards holding myself accountable for following through with the completion of my project. If you know about it’s existence, then I am not just letting myself down if I fail to write this book, I am also failing all of you. If I keep it a secret and fail to succeed in bringing my book to life then I am the only one who knows about the horrible creative miscarriage taking place in my mind. As such, then I am the only one to mourn the loss of something that never quite was but will always be with me. So it scares me to share this small and fragile beginning with you. Vulnerability has never been my strength, but this blog has always been for me a space where I can share the things that scare me most. And let me tell you, there is nothing scarier to me than the thought of not being able to bring life to the ideas in my mind. While the pressure created by sharing this information with you is terrifying, I truly believe it is necessary to motivate me. Failure will not be an option.

Additionally, I feel compelled to share this information because I fully believe in the power that words possess. Speaking something aloud or writing down something gives it life, agency, and autonomy to exist. To name a thing is to give it life. Saying that I am writing this book already gives my book more life than it ever had before I wrote these words. So I am going to will my book into being by letting the world know that it will happen.

Finally, I wanted to update you on this current project to inform you as to the reason I have not been posting on my blog. My mind is so full of words, half formed poetry, and stories begging to be born, but I am going to pour all of my creative energy into writing this book for the time being. I will keep posting, but I am hoping to limit the time I spend working on my blog for now in order to help focus my attention on this bigger project.

As for the book itself, I don’t want to be premature with sharing any information or excerpts quite yet, but I will give you the basics to tide you over for a little while. I am writing a psychological thriller that focuses on issues of isolation, survival, and mental illness. I am modeling the setting after the central California coastal farm land that I grew up around and love so dearly. I hope to present to you a novel that walks a thin line between natural and supernatural where the reader and the protagonist must question what is or is not in fact real. I present you with the question that has haunted me since I first began the creation of this novel: if you cannot trust what your own senses are telling you, who or what should you trust to discern reality from illusion?

Wish me luck as I begin this long process and I hope to have more to share with you all soon!



Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

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Know the Author.



Message In A Bottle

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

There is a message in a bottle
Somewhere out there for me
Lost among stormy seas
And faraway lands
I don’t know whom it is from
Or when it will arrive
But I know
It is out there somewhere
Searching for me
To deliver its message
It kept safe for me
It survived the winds
The hurricanes at sea
The harsh unmerciful waves
Passed from hand to hand
Sea to sea
I know it will find me someday
And that day when it arrives at last
I will find it among the rocks
Nestled and safe
Waiting just for me
Inside is a letter
About what I do not know
Just a small little note
From an author unknown
Telling me a secret
I have lived my whole life just to know
For now I am waiting
With my eyes turned to the sea
Watching for the glint of a bottle
Lost at sea