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Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Oil on water
Slick as the night
As the morning tries to wash
The darkness from your face
It clings with the desperate fervor
Of child to mother
As a hand slides from the grasp
Of one person
To another
And is gone
This strange moment of fluidity
As worlds barely touching
Eyes barely meeting
Only to glance away
Only to float silently away
It is there, wrapped in this
Tight tourniquet of fog
That holds us closer
Than a final embrace
Between to people who know
They will never meet again
The moment before all is lost
Standing at the edge of this precipice
Solitary in this mist
Permeable yet dividing
I am lost
Left behind by that evanescent flicker
Of worlds stopping for a brief moment
Reaching out to one another
Knowing there is reason to stand still
But feeling the push and pull
Of a world that never knows how to stop
This winding of a clock
The count
Of one, two, three, four
Finds its way of rhyme
Even as the world begins to slide
Here I am still standing
Not knowing the words to say
Not knowing how to scream
I stand in this silent emptiness
Watching you recede from me

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Travel Update: Yosemite

Friday, December 24th, 2010

My mom and I on our road trip to Yosemite saw many interesting things and actually had a lot of luck with wildlife on the ride up, however you will have to wait for those stories. Yes I know I am evil, lets just call it a cliffhanger, high-five, then walk away.

We were hoping there would be lots of snow in Yosemite but there was surprisingly little. There was a lot of interesting fog and mist that added another dimension to my photography. It provided an intriguing experience to experiment with photography. It was breath-taking, the beautiful sites all over the park that made both of us sad that we only two days in total for our trip. We made the most of it though, running around after wildlife and chasing reflections in frozen rivers. It was a lot of fun and the little dose of adventure that I was yearning for.

I decided that instead of just getting normal landscape shots of Half Dome that I was going to try to get a new spin off of the original photos to spice up my photography a bit. My idea rested on a hunt for Half Dome’s reflection. Finding just the perfect spot on the river where Half Dome’s beauty could be found was tricky but a fun challenge.

I think it worked splendidly. From Half Dome we moved onto Yosemite Falls. We didn’t have time to go up to the upper falls so we settled for just the lower ones. The rainbow being cast off from the falls was magnificent.

We could at least watch from afar the majesty of the upper falls that cascaded down the cliff’s face.

My mom was helping me by being my camera assistant the whole time. Helping my swap out lens and helping out with the tri-pod. So a little shout out for my best travel buddy, my mom, and my lovely camera assistant. Love You!

It was a really fun little trip and I hope to go back soon and get even better photos. Other photos from our  adventures in Yosemite and the road trip up will all be coming soon!


Road Trip: Bootjack

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Today was our last day on the road. We finally arrived safe and sound, just slightly busted up (me) ready for fun in Michigan. We started out our day with a nice ride along the Lake Superior coast in Ashland. We passed some really cool old dock pilings out in the water mostly covered by fog.

We are tired but very glad to be at our home away from home with out family. I am glad to have the library and the time to relax finally.


Mount Olympus

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009


This is a funny photo from Glacier National Park. When my mom and I entered the park we were totally bummed out because we were afraid we weren’t going to be able to see anything due to the fog. I saw this mountain and all I could think of was,

Hey, looky there, it is Mount Olympus. It was in Montana the whole time!

Everything was coated in fog except for the top of this gigantic mountain just poking out of the fog like Mount Olympus.

I thought it was slightly strange though that out of all the places in the world, the Greek Gods chose Montana for their home. Strange indeed. Not that I blame them, Glacier was beautiful. But I think the gods could do a bit better.

Maybe that is why people visit Glacier so often because they are trying to get a glimpse of Zeus, no such luck for me though. Maybe next time.

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