December 15th, 2009


People walk around as if they are living in a dream. Wondering from one destination to the next without thought or questioning.

Frankly it sickens me to no extent. The fact that people can so blindly pass through life, the impassiveness of humanity is frightening.

What makes people care so little?

What is the root of humanity’s diconnect with the rest of the world around them? How can people stand to live a life without curiousity or adventure?

Is it even living?

If that is how you want to waste your life, walking around like a ghost. Watching your feet as you put one in front of the other, so be it. But I refuse to live like that.

As you watch me pass you, or maybe you won’t notice me at all. Don’t tread on me, don’t get in my way. I am going to live my life and if you are going to waste so precious a gift stay away from me.

If you are lost, come find me. If you seek change, to leave behind a ghost world that sticks to you like a shadow, come find me. Maybe we can scare away your demons together. Follow me down a path which is tread by so few. If you are walking the other way just make sure not to get in my way. I will not be stopped.

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One Response to “Don’t Tread On Me”

  1. Maiya says:

    wow monica. perfect words.