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Lizard Hunting

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Last year in Horseshoe BEnd I found an amazing looking lizard while out hiking. This year since we returned to the same spot I was hoping to again find a lizard like that. To do this we began a lizard hunt. We found several different types of lizard, the most common was this little guy with the black banded neck.

We also spotted a nice small red lizard. He was enjoying his sun spot and was extremely good at camouflaging himself.

There was a skink looking lizard as well who was very colorful. He was very fast and not very interested in sticking around for me to photograph him.

Finally after searching for a long time we finally found the lizard I was looking for. It was the same type of lizard as last year but unfortunately he was younger and I didn’t have the amazing color that the other did. He had the prettiest patterns and shapes including spots and stripes all over him.

He was posing all over the place, a perfect little model of a lizard. He was on rocks, near old branches, and of course the beautiful red sand.

He really was funny, running all over the place, stretching, and doing push-ups. It was awesome to see such a beautiful animal such as this lizard. All of them were beautiful and it just reminds me how much I love taking photos of animals and other wildlife.

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Creeper Photo: Dr. Pepper

Monday, July 26th, 2010

I think this photo could be a DR. Pepper advertisment or something. You were really cute and I thought it was funny the way you were sitting. You seemed like you wished you could stay right there over looking Monument Valley with your doctor pepper but when I came back all that was left of you was the empty bottle. Thanks for the photo 😀