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My Belongings

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

These are the things which belong to me:

A spider suspended in a cobweb
That lies in the corner of my room
Waiting each day to greet me
When I come home with a silent hello.

A fake flower in a waterless vase
With a single counterfeit dew drop
Balancing on the end of a synthetic leaf
Like a tear drop that will never fall.

A painting of a woman half finished
Hanging over my bed at night
My guardian angel watching over my dreams
The dream like visage of who I might be.

A horseshoe above my doorway
That hangs upside down
The luck has all fallen out
Of its open face.

A crumbled up piece of paper
With the semblance of words
Written and re-written
Only to be crossed out.

A picture of myself with friends
Who have gone yet still remain
Faces that have so very changed
Yet I still feel the same.

A piñata’s head from years ago
Emptied of candy and color
Once prized and cherished
Now looked at as trash.

A picture of a woman
Who does not know me
But I feel I know her
From another past life.

These things that I call mine
Don’t belong to me at all
They own me like their coveted doll
Just an object, a thing.

Yet still, these are the things which I call my own.


Travel Update: Chicago

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Basically I am way to tired to post anything decent so…. sorry. Here is the re-cap. Yesterday my mom, little brother and I drove down to Chicago for my grandmother’s 70th birthday. It is kind of a big family reunion with all of the family from my dad’s side. We have been walking, taking tours, visiting museums, and of course eating lots of food. I am tired now, and don’t feel good so I will give you a random photo from my road trip to mask the lack of attention to the actual writing within this post.

I will give a more detailed update when I am feeling better. But one quick little tid- bit of info, they are filming transformers three right now, right here and blowing up a dock we were on today. Yea…. goodnight.


Creeper Photo: Pissed Off Bride

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009


Say hello to a very pissed off bride, she was marrying a sailor. My mom took this one leaning out of the car. Then she made my brother stop the car. She got out of the car and proceeded to take another picture of her. She was so pissed, I was afraid she was going to yell at us. My mom isn’t the camera ninja I am, this is a good picture but not so subtle in the way it was taken. Sorry sailor bride for intruding, good luck in your marriage.



Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

The camera’s eye
Swivels and rotates
Focusing and unfocusing
Trying to capture you
In your purest form
Or your darkest moment
To swallow you whole
In the blink of an eye
It is watching you
With it’s great eye
Extending and retracting
The glass reflects
Back on you
It reaches out for
Your sprit
Your very soul
That brilliant shine
The smile
Always on your lips
The laugh
Bubbling out of you
And the life
That never dies
Now lives on
In the camera’s
Unforgiving eye
That swivels and rotates
As it watches
Be careful
It is always watching

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