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Welcome to my Brain…

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Today was an interesting day, I had an MRI. On the many avenues I have traveled down in search of a diagnosis for my unknown illness, this was the most intense of all the methods of diagnosing. It was in an open bore MRI machine but there really wasn’t anything open about it…

As the doctor was briefing me on the procedure we tells me the only side effect to inserting the contrast that has been seen is nausea and vomiting. He said it only happened in about 4 out of 300 people who had contrast injected along with the MRI procedure so I had nothing to worry about. He also told me that if I got nauseated that I would throw up, no question about it. I would definitely throw up if I didn’t feel good. As soon as he said this I knew I would be one of those people who got sick. He injected the contrast and lo and behold I just looked at him and said, I am going throw up. So he ran over and took of all the head-gear and gave me a basket. I almost threw up but actually didn’t which was suprising. He just laughed and said, you proved me wrong, you are the only one who didn’t throw up after feeling sick.

Lucky me.

Many people have told me they wanted to see my brain and the way I think. Also many people have questioned if I had a brain. Here is the answer. Here is about every view of my brain, enjoy 😀