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Holi: Festival of Color

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

The holiday  Holi was a couple of weeks ago but this weekend at University of California, Berkeley the Indian Student Association put on a festival for Holi. Many people have heard of these festivals of color where people by colored powder and in a giant mosh pit of people everyone throws color at each other.


A giant throng of people gathers and takes part in this festival each year; this is my second year taking part and it really is an amazing thing to experience. You can find last year’s story of Holi here

At times there are so many people crammed into one space it is hard to breathe, impossible to see if you are as short as me, and in the mist of color filling the air there are shouts of joy and surprise as color explodes across people’s hair, face and bodies in a huge spray of vibrant color.


A big group of my friends all came to the festival and we all stuck together in the massive crowd, dancing, screaming and throwing color at each other. It really is an experience everyone should have at some point in their life at least once.


Our faces were covered in a huge array of colors, it felt like every part of me had been dyed a different color.


After the war of color is over, everyone looks so different with a mask of colors changing the features of faces that are so familiar yet entirely altered.


I can’t wait for the years to come where we can celebrate again and again the vibrancy of our lives and the world.




Portrait of a Person (Interview)

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

I know people
How so?
I can understand people
Better than most
Because I can see
Through their eyes
Feels as their hearts feel
How do you do that?
I don’t know
I just do
Well, who are you?
I don’t know truthfully
I am nothing I guess
Because I am everything
Or everyone I should say
I don’t mean I am
All powerful or all knowing
You mean like god?
I am my writing
I am my characters
Every face I paint
With my words
is me
Their face is mine
I don’ have my own anymore
I am a mosaic
Of everything I have seen
Will see
And have made
How did this happen?
I don’t know
I have always been this way
Is it hard?
It is never easy
Not having an identity
of your own
it is hard not knowing
who you really are
I can’t remember
The last time
I have seen my own face
So you are saying
You have no face?

I laugh
I guess so
I am the portrait of a person
Without a face

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Portrait Girl

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Wire teeth
Frame a smile
Pulling up corners
Like a curtain
Let the show begin
Feather plumed lips
Fall into a pale face
With cheekbones of glass
Each jutting out
Ragged yet beautiful
Stained glass eyes
Gleam in refracted shards
Color shines through
Empty yet bewitching
A gate into a hollow soul
Spider web hair
Brushes her face
In the breeze
Shifting and changing eternally
Soft as silk
And fine as diamonds
Here you are
The portrait girl
They love you for
Your eyes
They love you for
Your smile
They love you for
All the wrong reasons
Until you die inside

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