November 15th, 2009

I know people
How so?
I can understand people
Better than most
Because I can see
Through their eyes
Feels as their hearts feel
How do you do that?
I don’t know
I just do
Well, who are you?
I don’t know truthfully
I am nothing I guess
Because I am everything
Or everyone I should say
I don’t mean I am
All powerful or all knowing
You mean like god?
I am my writing
I am my characters
Every face I paint
With my words
is me
Their face is mine
I don’ have my own anymore
I am a mosaic
Of everything I have seen
Will see
And have made
How did this happen?
I don’t know
I have always been this way
Is it hard?
It is never easy
Not having an identity
of your own
it is hard not knowing
who you really are
I can’t remember
The last time
I have seen my own face
So you are saying
You have no face?

I laugh
I guess so
I am the portrait of a person
Without a face

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One Response to “Portrait of a Person (Interview)”

  1. Maiya says:

    i like your skills, monica. 😉