November 3rd, 2009

I had the pleasure of meeting an extremely talented African Gray Parrot at Pike’s Place Market. On a street corner a man was performing with his bird. It was amazing. He could play dead, be thrown up into the air and do a 360, meow, and do flips on your hand. Truly incredible. I even got to hold him.


Just one of many weird things we encountered in Pike’s Place Market. Here is a little video I took.

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3 Responses to “Parrot Friend”

  1. Nick Multer says:

    That bird is awesome. I am so envious that you got to hold it. I miss Nibbles…

  2. monica says:

    dude you have no idea, it was meowing and could pretend to get shot and fall down and the guy would tell it to go to sleep and it would! It was really funny and you know how i love African Greys

  3. Maiya says:

    coolest bird ever!!!