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Clatter of the Unknown

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Teeter me tower
Settle down annoying clatter
Find me the fire
Between your clamorous banter
There is silence to be had
If only it could be found
Drop the dice
Only to loose the die
Pitter patter little rain drop
Who knew you could
Make such a ruckus
Who knew the dove
Would best the crow
That the dog would never
Have his day
Clitter clatter of the tatters
Left behind by the shreds
Of all that never was
But will always be
Find the answer
Without the question
Seek a sunset during sunrise
And what will you find?
A frame without a photo
And a world without meaning
Filled to the brim
Of a glass not quite full
But never empty
Jump to reach the sun
When the stars stand in the way
Find me reason
Without rhyme
Find the end of this poem
In the next line


Rebel Children

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Look into my eyes
Please tell me what you see
Do you know who I am
Or have you seen someone
Just like me
Standing in the background
With dark solemn eyes
We are the Rebel Children
Broken yet strong
We can be found everywhere
Or nowhere at all
We are the vacant eyes
Of a forsaken god
Always watching
But who sees nothing
And does nothing
Hollow and dark
We are the stain glass windows
Peering deep into your soul
We do not pass judgment
We are the just the eyes
Of a century
How foolish for anyone
To have ever believe
We as humans
Were the images of angels
We are god’s Rebel Children
Never what we are expected
To be in the end
We fight through silence
With our angry eyes
Cast not at heaven
But into the passersbys
God didn’t make us this way
We did
We are the rampant soul
Of a stubborn child
We want only what we do not have
And hate all else
The consumers and buyers
Burning a hole in your soul
Grinding in a cigarette butt
No chance for a fire ever again
Snuff out that spark of life
Leaving you in an eternity of darkness
That you yourself created
So empty and hollow
Just trying to fill that hole
The hole you burned
With your money and lies
With your jealousy and hate
Slowly destroying your life
We are the Rebel Children
Who just don’t belong
The ones who can’t sleep at night
But can’t ever really wake up
We are everything
And nothing at all

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