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Art Show: My pieces

Sunday, March 7th, 2010


Wire Heart

Thursday, October 15th, 2009


My latest piece of nothing art I did in ib art. I gave it to my brother for his birthday. It is a wire 3-D heart with a key I paint red in the middle. I think I might make a series of these with different objects in the middle. Not sure, maybe if I have time.

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Snow White

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009


I love this piece, it is called Snow White. I found it in the Tannery during Open Studios. I think I would like to do a piece like this for IB Art. Looks really fun just glueing big empty paint cans to a canvas. My kind of art.

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Candle Scrabble

Sunday, September 27th, 2009


I love this photo, the candle with the scrabble pieces are so inspiring I think I will use this for my ib art class…. not sure how. I will think of something, I always do!

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Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Great streets of silence
Have filled the network of my life
In times of necessity
Silence overtakes my faint heart
Swallowing whole
The words so desperately
Floating up in bubbles
That quiver in their fragile state

Whenever words are needed
They have failed me
The power of that word
Falling swiftly, heavily
From an uncouth mouth
Can change the world
In a movement too fast
For the eye to register

The pregnant silence
Grows between you and I
Like a deep festering wound
Something that will
Leave a big nasty scar
For the whole world
To bear witness to
In horror and disgust

Like a canary in a cage
My words are sealed away
With a lock and key
Far too advanced
For such a petty thief as I
The mystery of this labyrinth
Is too complex for me
So I will suffer
In my silence alone

An ocean’s expanse
Stretches far and long
Above, between, and below
My feet that stand
On ground built only
From the promise of words
Yet to surface and be heard
In the deep eddies of the water

Truth is that words
Are a terror, a horror
All in themselves
Their own maze of nothing
Leading to nowhere
So silence is safety
From a world full of words
That I do just fine without

Where every word
Is a potential knife
Awaiting a new victim
A new heart to ruin
Rip open and bear forth
The fruit of an innocent
Of ignorance in truth
And within this deadly flower
Lies life’s only truth
We are all monsters

I think I am going to do a piece of art based off of this poem in my IB art class, it has potential…

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