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Mosquito Hunter

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

I have been telling my friends all day so now I am going to tell you:

I hate mosquitos with a fiery passion that is unparalleled.

I have a little creek in my backyard so lucky me, every time it rains my family gets a wonderous gift of a thousand biting monsters in our home which used to be so safe and secure. It is like a battlefield in my house. Whenever mosquitos are spotted, the war is on, no holding back now. There are rolled magazines and books handy for quick squashing access because we don’t tolerate these nasty buggers. Seriously I always find them in the bathroom and I spot it and suddenly the house is alive,


Lock the doors, barricade the windows and get ready for the hunt because this bug isn’t getting out alive. It almost makes me sad to think about it from the bugs point of view. I mean really

So you are minding your own business when suddenly there is all this loud noise and then just like that your are trapped with no way out. There is something repeatedly being swung at you which you narrowly escape. Each time it gets closer and closer. They find you no matter where you hide. And you know that soon you won’t be able to get away and that will be it. SQWASH

But then I remember, that bugger bit me five times last night and I am going to itch like the dickens for the next week. Then I don’t feel so bad.

The two main things that bug me about mosquitos are this:

  1. They only seem to bite you when you are sleeping. You can be lost in the deepest and most pleasant dreams when suddenly that buzzing sounds invades your mind and takes what security in your sleep you had. There is no mistaking that noise either, you can’t say oh well maybe it was the wind. No, you know it is a mosquito. You can’t ignore it either because it will just keep coming back and buzzing you. The worst part about that is when you hear the buzzing stop. We all know that means it has landed on you somewhere and is about  to take a nibble out of you. Then of course you thrash around for a while and get so frustrated that you smack yourself in the head trying to squash it. Then you throw back your covers, stomp over to the light, and crawl into your bed with a book (good squashing qualities) and wait. So you sit there like a twitched out heroin addict knowing it is near and the second you give up it will come back. Sometimes you are lucky enough to get it but most nights not so much. So there will be no sleep tonight.
  2. Mosquitos have no purpose. I might tolerate it (probably not) if I knew that this bug was annoying the hell out of me for some greater purpose. But really we all know there isn’t. The mosquito just happens to be one of very few animals that has no higher purpose in life except to bug the crap out of you like coyotes or ticks.

They drive me insane. So if I come to school looking like I haven’t slept in three days it is because I haven’t. I have stayed up trying to suceed ( but failing) at being the champion mosquito hunter.

A side note, I don’t know if this is just me, but has anyone else noticed that mosquitos in different places are different? Like in some places they are faster, or fatter, or slower, or some other trait. Yes I have witnessed this, it is not just the product of a deranged mind.

A side side note; South Dakota in June… don’t do it. There are clouds and clouds of mosquitos. We drove through and kept hitting these clouds and couldn’t figure out what it was until their dead carcasses started to block our windshield. The wipers couldn’t even get them off, we had to stop and seek shelter it was so bad. Don’t even get me started on the hotel we were forced to stay in. Just a warning if you want to keep your soul don’t ask me about Motel 6.

Anyway I digress as usual. So the point if there is one is this. I wish to hunt down every mosquito in the world and kill it. And I want to kill that guy from Lilo and Stitch who is trying to preserve them because they are an endangered species. No, they are not. And if they were.. they wouldn’t be missed.


iTunes Tricks

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

I have a special love, hate relationship with iTunes. Yeah, I am sure a lot of people do. My reason? It actually is really simple, but it drives me up a wall even to think about it.

I hate it on iTunes when you really, really want a song but for some reason they only sell that song with the whole album.

I go crazy when this happens.It just happened to me again. Regina Spektor is my favorite music artist by miles, and I really wanted to buy her song, The Call. Which is amazing I have to say. But you can’t buy it anywhere unless you buy a whole freaking album.

Some people when they hear this say, Well maybe the whole album is good? Maybe you should just buy the whole thing. I always do check. I listen to the whole album, weigh the pros and cons on wasting ten bucks for a whole CD that really only has one good song on it and decide against it. That is the worst part, that one song is always amazing, and all the others suck like there is no tomorrow.

For an example, take this Regina Spektor song that I am dying to have. It can only be bought on two albums. Guess what they are?? Come on guess.

Chronicles of Narnia, Prince of Caspian, and Disney Box Office Hits. Some of these songs make me bleed from my ears. They make me want to tear out my hair I get so frustrated!! It must be a strategy because no one in their right mind would ever buy those songs even if they were being tortured.

It just drives me insane because I know iTunes knows that people hate that, so why do they do it????

The world may never know, maybe it’s greediness or perhaps they just like watching us squirm. I wonder if people actually do buy the album just for one song. I know I am always tempted, but I haven’t broken yet. Same thing happened to me with an Atreyu song I loved but will never own because iTunes is a stickler.

iTunes little stunts like this one are the reasons people use free downloading illegal sites. I disagree totally with downloading illegally because I think someone should get paid for their hard work, but I can now understand why people do it. Because of tricks like this one where in no way you can buy the single song you want.

It isn’t just iTunes either, Amazon does the same thing also. Just a recommendation for these companies: If you want people to buy the music, just let them buy it. No strings, or sneaky tricks just put a price next to every song with a button that says buy. It would work a lot easier for everyone.

I am still dying for that song, when iTunes decides to actually put it on sale I will be there.