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Isaiah’s Flame

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Sirens wail within the walls of these catacombs
Reaching through the permeable loom
And its outstretched strings weaving together
A city of countless threads thinking they stand
Independent from the unraveling yarn.
But if we burn the end and watch the fire swallow the coil
We will all burn together
This masterpiece going up in flames
Like the greatest bonfire of being
That ever burst forth from the abyss of this abysmal world
The powerful and strong will not reason
The reckoning flame away
That flicker of the snakes tongue can taste the air
Filling with heat, the crackle and pop of thread
Being split in twain
But just alike, both will burn together.


Creeper Photo: I Got Creeped

Thursday, December 17th, 2009


So today in Hawaii the tables got turned on me by this guy. I have decided to call him Tiki Guy, wait maybe Conch Guy, anyway the name doesn’t matter because what really matters is him scaring me to death.

I was walking around in the lobby of my hotel trying to get a creeper photo of someone and not paying attention. Then all of a sudden right in front of me is a half-naked man with a flaming torch and a giant conch shell in hand. He blew it right in my face and I screamed because I got so scared.

Yes, I screamed right in the middle of the lobby in front of many people. It was so embarrassing. He just smiled and ran off down the hallway to terrify someone else. This photo is all I could manage as he ran off. It was a strange moment, but it did put things in a bit of perspective. I am always creeping people and today I feel I got creeped because I was so completely unaware of this guy right in front of me.

No this does not mean I am going to stop. That would be no fun. But I am aware that it is very odd and awkward at times when I get caught creeping someone. Thanks Tiki Guy, Conch Guy, whatever for scaring the crap out of me.