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Isaiah’s Flame

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Sirens wail within the walls of these catacombs
Reaching through the permeable loom
And its outstretched strings weaving together
A city of countless threads thinking they stand
Independent from the unraveling yarn.
But if we burn the end and watch the fire swallow the coil
We will all burn together
This masterpiece going up in flames
Like the greatest bonfire of being
That ever burst forth from the abyss of this abysmal world
The powerful and strong will not reason
The reckoning flame away
That flicker of the snakes tongue can taste the air
Filling with heat, the crackle and pop of thread
Being split in twain
But just alike, both will burn together.



Monday, November 16th, 2009

The boy sits
Alone on the beach
With glowering eyes
And a heart
Full of hate and anger
He listens to the ocean
Roaring day and night
Arms wrapped tight around
His scraped and bleeding knees
Tattoos run up his arms
Like black veins
A fire burns before him
As he stares deep into it
Watching the fickle flame
Dancing too and fro
How unfair it is
For it to be free
When he stands in chains
He waves his hand
Slowly through the flames
But he doesn’t feel the pain
He doesn’t feel anything anymore
So he takes what is left
Of his meager belongings
And throws them into the fire
It crackles and waves
Sparking to life
As it consumes another’s
The boy watches
His life go up in flames
Burning slowly to ashes
As it withers and curls
He stands
And walks away
He is done
He is finally done

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