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Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

She leans into the mirror
Closer and closer
Until they are almost one
She purses her lips
As she slowly opens
A tube of bright red lipstick
She watches with reverence
And a humble respect
The monolith of red
Emerge like a sword
From its sheath
On the tube it says rogue
Like the rebel has become
As she brushes it across her lips
Soft as a feather
Like a paintbrush
Stringing out a line of calligraphy
On the most pure of white paper
She stays for a moment
As she always does
Looking her reflection in the eye
Her eyes burn like emeralds
A fire of ambition
With pursed red lips
And the smallest of smiles
She is ready to conquer
To never loose control
Of her life ever again
Now she is ready to face the world
With her lips bathed in red
The face of a new woman
The only traces of the old
Are exposed like roses
On the petals of her lips
The blood of the disposed of
Her old dead self
The self who used to look in the mirror
To hollow eyes
And bruises on her face
No longer is it her own blood
That lingers on her lips
But the bright red paint
Of everything she has overcome
They ask her why she does it
But they can’t understand
How far she tries to bury
The woman she once was
The weak one who was beaten
In her place stands a warrior
Fierce and strong
The trophies of her battles
Laid down layer by layer
On her lips
The blood of those she has defeated
And the blood she has spilt herself
She is the rogue
With the warriors seal
Painted on her lips
She faces each day
Knowing that finally she can defeat it


Lady GaGa Concert

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

I went to my first ever concert yesterday with my lovely friends Golnoosh and Hailey. Lady GaGa is amazing! It was such a good show because it wasn’t just a singer doing their songs, or even just an amazing performer, it was that she interacted with the audience on such a personal level. She talked with the audience, at one point people where even throwing their clothes on stage and she made her own outfit out of all of it. She had such personality, and not to mention her dancing and singing skills that just made such an awesome concert.

One of the best parts of the show was just watching the way the crowd responded to her. The whole building felt like it was shaking from the base and the jumping throng of people. She would ask the crowd to do something, jump, throw their hands up, or just scream and they would. It was amazing to see how much control she had of such a massive bundle of chaos.

Anyways, to start off, the people where insane. So many people were dressed up in the wackiest of ways ( many were dressed in a more than slightly whorish fashion though). I was dying to get creeper photos but sadly didn’t have my big camera, so I got a few but you will have to stay tuned for them. We got our picture taken with this really creepy guy that had an awesome outfit on.

Some of my favorite outfits where this guy, all the people with tin cans wrapped in their hair like curlers, and the people wrapped in only caution tape. It was an interesting night full of interesting people. The opening band was also… interesting. Semi Precious Weapons opened the show and at first I thought the lead singer was GaGa and I got all excited. As soon as I saw his face on the camera view television I was so shocked.

I just said, Oh my God, THAT’S A GUY! I really thought it was a woman, he was wearing a long grey t-shirt and fish nets, that was it. At one point he even pulled up his shirt and gave a nice full shot of his butt in fish nets and even gave us a little shake. Let me tell you, I saw my fair share of ass this concert, more than my fair share.

After quite a wait, the show began. At first it wasn’t even GaGa, it was just her shadow.

You know you’re famous when a giant crowd will wig out just because they see your shadow. When her shadow came out, the crowd went wild! Then slowly we could find GaGa’s figure in the dark and man did everyone go insane! Every time she moved it was a torrent of new screams and applause.

She was rocking those purple shoulder pads in a big way. This set was really cool because within the hood of the car was a piano and she just ripped it open and started playing. It was so cool. Then everyone moved over to a big neon flourescent jungle gym.

I think it was some sort of modernized stripper pole but I could be wrong. It was fun to see all of the dancers, and of course Gaga just crawling all over this thing. After this Gaga made the first of her many wardrobe changes. It was something like eight times that she changed her clothes.

I loved the nun outfit which was totally see through and to compliment the saintly attire, a bloody skeleton hand. The dancing was phenomenal and the sets were amazing to look at. It follow a sort of Wizard of Oz plot of descention into scarier and scarier places until the final set, the monster itself.

But along the yellow brick road there was a lot of dancing, outfit changes, singing, and insanity.

Oh and the coolest outfit of all was this strange fairy electronic dress.

The entire dress moved on its own and even had wings in the back, photos can’t capture the life in this outfit. definitely the most spectacular outfit of the night.

Oh yes and lots of blood and tiny dresses. I thought she was going to pop out of this dress. She kept having to grab it and fix it while she was dancing around.

And finally, the monster with Gaga in its clutches. Strange that it appears to be an angler fish…. Still it was really cool to watch Gaga interact with the monster. And what Lady Gaga performance is complete without boob and crotch fire?

And yes, the monster is watching in the background along with tons of little children that are sitting there wishing they too could have sparklers come out of their crotches. The poor minds of the younger generation.

After that it seemed like the show was over, which was very sad because she hadn’t played Bad Romance. But then the lights went out again, and the encore began! More singing, more Gaga, and more dancing!

Thanks Gaga for an awesome night, an awesome first concert experience, and just a bunch of fun, music and dancing.


Yellowstone: Coyote Headshot

Friday, May 28th, 2010

This really is a case of saving the best for last. In February I went to Yellowstone on a photography mission where I followed coyotes, river otters, bison, elk, bighorn sheep and wolves for a week in the snow. I saved my best shot as a present for one of my very best friends. So here is the grand unveiling of my best shot: the coyote headshot.

I got this close up headshot of a coyote when we were driving along the road and happened upon a coyote trotting down the middle of the road.

We slowed down as he weaved in and out of the road. It almost seemed like he was trying to make sure we didn’t pass him. During this time I had whipped out the four hundred lens and was hanging out the window trying to get a good shot of him. It was painful and pretty ridiculous looking as we stopped and went; me being jerked around the whole time yelling at the driver to stop the car. Just in time, I got my shot.

He was beautiful but I could tell he had been in some sort of fight recently because his ear was bloody and gnarled. He had some mean scars on his muzzle as well. So that’s it, that raps up my Yellowstone trip finally, with my best shot of the trip.


The Incompetence of Doctors and the Joy of Shopping

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

IMG_5929 IMG_5931

IMG_5935 IMG_5939

Alright so let me explain. I had an interesting day today, it consisted of several parts:

  1. School ( well duh, I go to school everyday) In school I did nothing but worry about the next step of the day.
  2. Doctor. Yes I went up to Stanford to go see a Hematologist to check out my blood. This was horrible, I thought I wasn’t getting blood drawn but instead I get there and they saw, Oh, go down to the lab and get blood drawn. I hate doing this, I had four drawn but I have to give credit where credit is due, the woman did a fantastic job. Then we go back up to the office where I meet the doctor. He basically tells me I am not anemic at all, and that isn’t the problem. Which I promptly ask, Then what is? His answer? I don’t know I am just a hematologist. My basic point, my other doctor has been me about being really anemic, I don’t even have to take the pills any more. Little to say, I am pissed out of my mind about wasting my own time, this new doctors time, and my parents money on an untrue diagnosis. Biggest part, I have no idea what is wrong with me and no leads to what happens next. Yeah, story of my life. Next step gets better though, this is why I love my mom
  3. Shopping. Do I need to say more? Apparently yes. For those of you that know me, you know I am not a huge fan of shopping. But this trip to Anthropology in Palo Alto cheered me right up. No, I was not dress shopping or buying ridiculously priced clothes. I was trying on extremely strange clothes and having my mom take pictures of me. Yes that is where the pictures came from. It was a lot of fun and cheered me up. Then I went around the store taking pictures for inspiration. I feel better now thanks to my mom.

What next? Not sure, but I have some funny pictures now that I will be posting over the next few days. Weird clothes are pretty great. The blue coat thing, I don’t even know what that was, it had no arm holes except on the very bottom. And who doesn’t love odd felt and crocheted hats? I put like four different ridiculously decorated headbands on my head at once and it looked really funny!

Anyway, I am frustrated to hell with doctors currently and have pretty much lost faith in them. Oh well, at least I have some good pictures out of this.

P.S. I now know I don’t have a brain tumor…