August 14th, 2010

Books are like life, with a new chapter every day.  Books are like traveling, for you visit a new place ever day.  Book are like a heart that hasn’t been broken.

So here are Golnoosh and Monica’s conversation as I write…

Golnoosh: LEt me play With it!!!

Monica: How do you like the underside of my bench?

Golnoosh: I feel like a cat. I cannot sleep. Ok come on.  I GOT IT.

Monica: I don’t appreciate my pig being forced fed to me.  IT’s MY PIG I CAN JIGGLE IT IF I WANT

Golnoosh: You’re the jiggle master. Well I hate you. Well then you have Gaga (dancing)

Monica: laughing. OH WOW

Golnoosh: BYE beautiful.