September 16th, 2009

How fast does
The human heart die
When a cry
Is all that portrays
A desperate agony
The sound of a heart
Ripping itself into pieces
“No more” it cries
“I am done
It hurts too much
To keep going”
So does it take years
Or maybe only seconds
For the heart to implode
Slowly collapse in on itself
To bleed out on the streets
Where people watch
But no one moves
To save an innocent from death
There is just a silent horror
Reflected in dull empty eyes
Watch as a hand
Dips into my chest
Pulls out my heart
It cries and it cries
“I am done, I am done”
One last rebellion
To die before the sun
It was hidden away
For it’s whole life
Now in death it is shown
Looking into the light

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