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Friday, September 11th, 2009

IMG_2045 One of my favorite sweets is salt water taffy. It makes my life like nothing else… well except corks. In Calumet Michigan there is a mercantile store where they sell taffy by the bucket.

I love this place, I would move in if I could. Just row after row of giant taffy barrels filled with all kinds of flavors of glorious taffy. My favorite flavor has got to be watermelon.

Just a side note, don’t you just love unwrapping the taffy. You just pull on either side of the candy wrapper and it magically untwists making that sticky noise. I love that to no end.

They not only sell taffy, they sell fudge there also that is from the gods. I love when stores like this give free samples and you always try to sample every flavor just to eat the fudge. By the time you’re done you have eaten the equivalent of what you where planning on buying.

Anyways, taffy is the best, don’t say otherwise or I might have to beat you.

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