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Yellowstone Take Two

Friday, February 25th, 2011

As many of you know last year I spent a week in Yellowstone following wolves and taking photos. I am blessed to yet again have this amazing opportunity to explore the harsh wild wilderness that is the Yellowstone tundra. The next week I will be in the Northern part of the park photographing animals and landscape.

I haven’t been posting as often this month because I have been so busy with preparations. After this is over I am going to go back to posting regularly. Hopefully each day I will have time to post some of my pictures from my adventures of that day. Last year I couldn’t because we were so busy, but hopefully this year I can. I can’t wait to return to Yellowstone. Hopefully this year I will get some really good wolf shots!

See you all in a week.


Travel Update: Yellowstone

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

So here I am in wonderful, snowy, freezing, beautiful, wild, Yellowstone. Let me just start out by saying I haven’t seen snow since seventh grade so me+snow= crazy child jumping in snow banks every time I see a puddle of snow. I swear I have been reduced to a five-year old. I have been to Yellowstone twice before this, both in summer but opposite sides of the park. Never before have I gotten to see Yellowstone in such a beautiful way as this. This is my first time visiting anywhere in winter time. Let me say this:

It is beautiful beyond compare here.

There is a majestic quality to everything around here, the air is crisp, everything is so bright, and everything here fills you with awe. Side note: I haven’t even gotten to see wolves yet, and I am already totally stoked out of my mind. It is cold though, I am not used to having to wear layers let alone snow and high altitude.

For the wildlife sittings of the day: Bald eagle, lots of deer, and a whole pile of elk grazing in around the buildings in Mammoth Hot springs.

We poked around Mammoth after quickly settling into our hotel and did a tiny bit of exploring before the sun went down. This is only the beginning, for the next five days there is much in store. Hopefully lots of wolves and beautiful days full of photography, snowshoeing, and fun in the snow!


Yellowstone Photography Trip

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

For the next week I will be in northern Yellowstone on a photography mission. We will be following wolves and other wildlife in the snow from dusk till dawn each day. I will be updating hopefully with pictures and stories of my days, stay tuned. I am planning on posting some good stuff, you will just have to wait and see.