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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

CIMG1710 CIMG1708

So basically, no one listened to my rant last night ……

Bad people, you should have brought your stuffed animals, only three of my friends brought them along to school, one couldn’t be photographed due to being in a different class, sorry Cappy.

The collecting consisted of a husky, gopher, and of course the famous Dakota. Thanks to those that brought their stuffed animals and showed the love. Everyone else, Where’s the Love?

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Stuffed Animals

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

This may seem childish but hear me out. On my road trip to and from Michigan this summer and the summer past I decided that I wanted a mini buffalo. Weird but true. So I traveled basically across the whole country and this year in St. Mary, Montana right outside of Glacier National Park, I found my mini buffalo.

IMG_5010 This is Dakota, I named him Dakota even though we bought him in Montana, because I am just that talented with naming things.

So you may be thinking at this point exactly what I am here to talk about.

She is sixteen and still jazzed about buying stuffed animals…. what a freak.

You are never to old to be excited about stuffed animals. This I know. There is nothing wrong with having stuffed animals even though they are kiddy and you have played with them since you were like two. Everybody needs to own a stuffed animal and be happy about when they are older. Seriously, changes your whole outlook on life.

So loosen up, go out buy a stuffed animal give it a weird name that in no way applies to it, and be happy about. You know what, don’t be happy be ecstatic. Take that stuffed animal show it to all your friends, heck take it to school and show your teachers and your siblings friends. And be proud of your stuffed animal. If they call you weird go tell them to buy one. Enjoy your new toy. Let me repeat:

There is nothing wrong with buying a stuffed animal when you are older. Be a kid for a couple days, and enjoy every drop of it.

I hope to see all my friends with their stuffed animals at school tomorrow, if you don’t bring one I will be sorely disappointed. We are always kids in somebody’s eyes, so why not indulge in some whimsy every once in a while and enjoy it.

If you bring a stuffed animal find me at break and we will take a picture of everyone and possible get it in the yearbook, so don’t forget!

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