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My Busy (Wonderful) Life

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

A couple of days ago my grand adventure around Europe came to a bittersweet end. Back in the USA now I had one full day at home before being shipped off to Michigan. So here I am sitting in my grandmother’s beautiful library addressing you. I have seen so many amazing things and of course I desire to share all of it with you. But I would like to share a brief preface before the fun begins:

All the things I will tell you, all the pictures I show you, and all the tales I will weave may at best reveal a fraction of the true beauty and sheer amazingness of the things I have seen on this trip. Words can barely describe the thousands of brightly colored doors, or the strange and quirky people I saw, or the myriad of homes or shops hidden down dark and wondrous alley ways. I will try my best to full describe the things I saw in Europe during my crazy busy and beyond wonderful life, but remember the reality can only be glimpsed in these words and pictures. I will do my best.