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Spring Break: Grand Canyon

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

I had visited the North Rim of the Grand Canyon last summer and now I finally got to see the South Rim. It was pretty impressive and well, grand.

It is amazing to stand on the edge of a huge precipice that seems to stretch on forever knowing that I have now been on both sides. I would love to go across the canyon at some point in my life.

It is hard to imagine that there is so much beauty everywhere in the world. Without seeing things like this, I would never have believed that just around the corner is an amazing sight like this.

Out on this white pillar I spotted another rare sight hidden in the trees. It was making strange sounds and crawling around in the bushes. So of course I went to investigate. ┬áThere in the bushes was…..

The Gabriel! He was only one of many interesting sights we saw. The Colorado River could be sen far below in the canyon.

The colors were phenomenal and created such depth in the canyon that the entire canyon was just breath-taking.

At the edge of the East side of the canyon was the Watchtower. An impressive tower that you could climb into and overlook the canyon.

We also found some ruins that were interesting. However, no indian ruins seem nearly as impressive as Mesa Verde was.

We ended our day by taking a quick visit to Sunset Crater Volcanic National Monument. It was slightly disapoointing because there was no crater you could go see, just volcanic rock.

It was a long but impressive day. Tomorrow we are exploring Sedona!



Spring Break: Mojave

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

For spring break I am going on an adventure in Arizona on a road trip. I am basically doing whatever comes to our whimsy along the way. Whether it be stopping at some old worn down houses on the side of the road, chasing animals for photos, or seeing some indian ruins. Today we decided to stop by Mojave National Preserve.

Mojave is a majestic landscape filled with rocky outcroppings and valleys filled with blond cacti. To me, Mojave is blue skies the stretch beyond the reach of the mountains held up by the arms of the prickly cactus that dwells below.

At the entrance I was able to discover a strange new unknown species called the Gabriel. I was able to photograph its strange behaviors. There was the normal behavioral patterns,

The lounging stretching pose that harkens to possible ancestry to extremely odd primates…..

There was also a nurturing side that showed some obvious caring,

There was also behavioral patterns of strange joyful behaviors that caused spastic and odd behavior.

Finally is the most interesting ability that the Gabriel has… levitation

During our trip we are following around my dad and my brother as they ride their bikes around where ever we happen to be.

In Mojave we explored the area around the visitor center which was an old train station. With the dilapidated of their old remains, it was a beautifully haunting place.

It was a good day and I look forward to even more adventures soon.