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Hot Cheetos

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Everyone loves them right? I now I do, and so does my brother. Actually he is more like addicted to them. There are two things that I hate about spicy cheetos though, and both drive me insane. They are the only downfalls to the mighty cheeto.

  1. First thing, no matter how big the bag you buy ,whether it be a little personal sized bag or a family sized party bag that you could fit your younger sibling into, all of them are gone within minutes. It drives me crazy, I just sit there thinking, is there a portal at the bottom of this bag because my cheetos are disappearing much faster than I could ever eat them. I just don’t understand how they are all gone so fast, and no it isn’t because I am pig and gobble them up really fast. I can take like one handful then turn back to the bag for more and a leprechaun must have made off with my cheetos because they are all gone now. I have to ask, are my friends just eating them all within the two seconds that I look away, maybe I am just insane, oh well that doesn’t mean I should loose my cheetos.
  2. The final and worst part about cheetos is the red dust stuff that never comes off your fingers. After you finish the magical bag of cheetos, you go and try to clean off your fingers, but simply so, you can’t. You can wash your hands, wipe them on your brand new jeans, even wipe them on your best friend. I am telling this stuff never comes off. It taints your skin and becomes part of your genetic code so you are no longer human but half cheeto beast. Maybe that is what a cheetah is, I don’t know. There has to be an effective way of getting that dust stuff off, and by the way, What is that stuff anyway? Seriously, is it like spicy dust of some sort, or like crumbled up other cheetos? These are the things I need to know.

Anyway, I just try to steer clear from that stuff because I prefer my fingers to remain normal colored, not bright red. They are good though, but I will stick to foods that don’t reroute me DNA into some cheeto beast, I like being normal weird me.

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