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Scented Candles

Monday, August 24th, 2009


A friend of mine a year or so back for my birthday gave me a scented candle that smelled like a cupcake. I kid you not, this thing I think was a cupcake. I don’t understand how people make those things. Seriously did they take a cupcake and shove it into a candle’s container and say, hey here’s your candle. This can’t even be a candle, it smells so good you can’t trick me.

My best friend actually tried to eat some of the sprinkles off the candle. Pretty funny, they did taste like real sprinkles which is slightly concerning. Now the candle has a big indent from trying to claw out a sprinkle, my poor candle’s battle scar.

They bother me a bit though because it really makes me wonder how the heck they got wax to smell so good. It perplexes me, I could sit here and sniff this candle for hours and be content. It actually worries me a lot.

Next issue with the candle and my only reasoning on how they got these candles to smell so good is this: DRUGS

I am convinced they put drugs in these things, why else would time and time again people just sit there and smell it. It literally is addicting. They should have health hazard signs on it warning people that once you smell you can never stop.

But really my cousin I swear he gets high off my candle. It really is hilarious he comes running into my room doesn’t even speak to me and just goes right for the candle. He just stays there sniffing my candle and if you try and take it away he goes feral on you. I had to battle him to get it back. Then he starts dancing around my room like a maniac. So I sit here and wonder.

Who needs drugs?  I got a scented candle over here, come join the party!!

Who needs drugs when you got scented candles. I am sure there is some guy in his basement right now getting high off scented candles and his friends just think he is weird for asking for scented candles every holiday.

If you’re a friend of mine, don’t buy me one, I have enough. 🙂 Beware the power, and my crazy candle sniffing cousin.

If someone understands the makings on scented candles please, share with me you enlightened knowledge I have to know.

P.S. this rant is for my cousin, love yah Pugalopicus!!

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