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Yellowstone: The Trio

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Here is the last photo of otters while I was in Yellowstone. I saved this picture for a friend but here it is now, the trio. Three little rambunctious river otters that teased us all day and finally gave us some good pictures, they even posed.

I will miss them, I miss the quiet of Yellowstone the serenity, the wildlife, and the feeling of being a part of nature, not an adversary of it. Life seems so much simpler in the wild, yet so much more complicated. I hope I can come back again soon.

P.S. There is one more Yellowstone photo, I am saving the best for last. I am saving it for a friend, so it will show up sooner or later. Just wait for it, the best will come as long as you wait.

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Yellowstone: Coyote Rock

Friday, March 19th, 2010

We found a coyote laying down on top of a snow hatted rock that just looked really amazing. We decided that we would wait for him to stand up on top of the rock because the composition of the shot would be perfect. He seemed pretty content just laying there though, trying to take a nap.

He really was beautiful and I almost missed him. I hadn’t even noticed him at the time because I was watching another coyote out in the fields when another person pointed him out to me. It is funny how easy it is to miss things. It makes me wonder what else did I miss, what other wonderous creatures did I pass by as I was consumed by some other thing?

He was watching us, it was amazing because you could almost see what he was thinking as he eyed us warily.

His nice little nesting place did give me an opportunity to try out and practice my newly learned photography skills.

He unfortunately did not work with us quiet as well as we had wanted. Instead of standing up as we had hoped he would, he sort of non-chalantly slide off the backside of the rock. We missed a possible great shot but still we did get to watch him for a while. I wish he would have stood up though so I could be showing you much better pictures. Oh well. Thanks Mr. Coyote for posing.

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