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Ode to the Absent Pet

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009


I saw this dog a long time ago at the SPCA and I really wanted to adopt you.I still think of you.

I know I was meant to be your owner. It was so hard for me to walk away from you. I wonder what happened along the road that split our paths?

I think of you a lot. I wonder what happened to you. You were adorable so I am sure you are in a nice home some where. I just wish it was my home. I wonder what your owner named you. I wanted to name you Kita. I guess it was even harder for me to walk away with a name on my lips. It is the nameless and the faceless that are forgotten.

By now you are probably old and have become accustomed to your new home. I wonder why you were abandoned. It said you were deserted, but I can’t think of why. You are so nice and cute, who would give you up? Maybe they couldn’t afford you, maybe they weren’t prepared, or maybe they just didn’t care.

The SPCA probably took good care of you in the time being. I hope you are happy and loved. I still miss you.

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Creeper Photo: Hamster Boy

Friday, November 20th, 2009


The boy without a pet, how sad. Every kid needs a little animal to love and cherish for however short amount of time that creature is destined to spend with them. This picture makes me sad yet happy in a way. The poor kid just looks like he wants that little hamster so badly. He has the look of a kid who comes here everyday just to stare at that hamster. Not any hamster mind you, but that hamster in particular. I bet he named it too. I hope one day he gets his hamster and it is all he hoped it would be.