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Parking Lot Paranoia

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

I try to avoid parking lots by all costs. Parking lots have got bad news written all over them, so I just try to stay away. They are a pain in the butt too. Here are my reasons and pet peeves about parking lots:

  1. They are one of the most accident prone places. Whenever I am in a parking lot I feel like some body is going to come whipping around the corner and smash into me. I never feel safe, and I get really paranoid.
  2. The ways that people park are horrendous. Seriously it looks like a two year old parked half of the cars there. The one parking manuever I despise the most is this: There is always someone who takes the second to last parking spot, but makes sure you can’t have the last. This drives me insane. They either park just far enough over the white line to the point that you are extremely uncomfortable parking there, or they just park as if they had a seizure driving in and the front half of the car is in one spot and the back is in the other. They must do it on purpose because I don’t think anyone can actually drive that bad and have been allowed to get their license. And you always think about parking there, but you don’t because this person decided to be an ass and make you drive around for another hour trying to find a spot.
  3. Another thing I can’t help think about when I am trying to find a spot is when you drive up and there is a nice spot right there in front of you, but the car parked next to it is all busted up as if someone rear ended it five times and then took a sledgehammer to the side. So you sit there wanting the spot but you think : I wonder how that car got like that. Then all the scenarios pop into your head of this guy backing out next to my car and just grinding all the way alongside it and not even noticing. So you shudder at that image and try to find a different spot.
  4. Compact spaces. What does that even mean? Whenever I ask this, people tell me they are for compact cars. Yeah, thanks I couldn’t guess that much. But what exactly does a compact car consists of? I have seen fatty trucks fit into those spots but for some reason I feel wrong when I park in one with my CRV even though it isn’t exactly a giant car. They must be for smart cars, they don’t get much more compact than that. Maybe a clown car, but it is pretty close.

The place I hate parking the almost is in my high school parking lot. I always feel endangered there. I don’t even have to be in my car, I feel as a pedestrian I will be hit. I have been hit once in my car, well twice if you count the idiot who opened their car door into my car. The first time I have got to say was a really sad way to get hit.

Just a little note about where I park: I park in an isolated space where no one can park on either side so I can’t get hit.

Another side not: THIS IS WHERE I GOT HIT

I was just getting into my car when the whole thing lurches forward towards a small hill right in front of my car. Naturally I freak out and look behind me and sure enough there is someone who backed up right into me. So I get out to asses the damage done and the only thing wrong is my license plate is a little pushed in. That is all.

The worst part about getting in an accident in the high school paring lot is everyone just stands there and watches you. So embarrassing.

Anyway, I ask the guy who hit me what the hell he was doing to back up straight into my car. Apparently he was trying to escape the parking lot the wrong way and decided the best way to do this was back straight out, not turn.

My car is pretty much indestructible I have to say. But obviously accidents still happen. So yet again, parking lots, not my first choice.

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