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Monday, October 5th, 2009

I stand above a river
On a thin plank of wood
Below the rapids rage
Above the sky is blue
I hold my arms out
As if I could fly
I squeeze my eyes shut
And imagine what it is to die
How easy would it be
To totter off to one side
Loose my balance and fall
Into the churning waters
Would anyone notice
Would anyone care
If I jumped
Would I scream
From fear or the rush
The finality of it all
Would I smile
As time seems to erase
When you fall
For a moment you fly
The wind rushing past your face
And then there is nothing at all
So I open my eyes
And let out a sigh
Put one foot in front of the other
And start to move forward again
Slowly but surely
Across this balance beam
Thin as a knife
Only the pure can make it
Only the true survive
Am I strong enough
Or will my sin
Cause me to take
That final dive
Walking on a knifes edge
This is my final test
To put one foot in front of the other
And never look down
To balance on my shoulders
The worlds good and evil
And never loose my footing
So I keep my head held up high
Eyes only on my goal
Of redemption
In the blood red sky

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

You of light
Whose heart is ever growing
Lay down your hair
And watch the lilies bloom
You, the child
Of the greater gods
With eyes that glow
As bright as the sun
And your smile
Could make flowers bloom
And your soul
So pure and untouched
Sheltered in a world
Never scarred by hate
Evil, or disgrace
Yet they fear you
The titan child
Your brilliance
Brings darkness
Into their envious eyes
Run child, run
They come for you now
There is no where to hide
And they will find you
It is only a matter of time
You can’t scream
Or shout out for help
They are the help
The good guys
Gone so bad
Have turned on you
Betrayed you
Put a knife in your back
Even though you did them no wrong
It is your heart they fear
So they must carve it out
Snuff out its brilliance
Kill off the sun
Then they’ll bury you away
Where the sun can’t shine
Your heart still beating
And your eyes gone wide
They seal you in darkness
You, the child of the sun
Will never again see the sky

Here is another poem from mythology. This myth is about Helios’ (the sun in greek mythology) daughter and how she is locked away because she is the daughter of the sun.

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