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Creeper Photo: Baby Face

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

This child was so beyond precious. Words almost can’t describe how cute she was. She truly was a baby of a thousand faces. The range of emotion ( and the range of positions of her hair) were phenomenal for that short amount of time.

I found her at Mt. Rainer in Washington and she killed me. Even trying to post this photos makes me almost die of laughter. Just take a second, look at her hair. Then look at her face. Now back to the hair. And finally back to the face. How can you not laugh? You made my day, you are still making my day. Thanks for the hair, and the face, and the lollipop. You’re amazing.

Oh and yes, I did just post five pictures of one person, that is how much I love this baby.


Creeper Photos: Lollipop

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

I was watching you at a track meet the other day. I didn’t really notice you until you crossed under the line where discus was being thrown and your mom had to come save you from being hit by a discus. I watched you for a while after that, you seemed very attached to you lollipop. You sat there watching the discus like your mom but I could tell you weren’t really watching, you were just trying to act like your mom. IT was very amusing actually. I hope you enjoyed your lollipop and the rest of the track meet.



Friday, September 11th, 2009

I climb the stairs
As doors close with a hiss behind
Thousands of eyes watching
Walking down death row
I sit down in a chair
Images rush past me
People walking away forever
Never aware of me watching
I put my hand against glass
Cold and warm from other days
Everything rocks back and worth
People whisper, cry, laugh
I look down beside me
A little girl sits there
Lollipop to big for her small mouth
She licks relentlessly at it
I hear everything at that moment
Two rows up a baby howls, hungry
Three rows back a man coughs, dying
Across the isle a man and woman fight
I see everything at that moment
Five rows back a woman with a black eye
Four rows ahead a man without an arm
Across and seven rows back a blind man sighs
I sigh too and stare at my hands
“My mom says it is rude to stare at people”
The little girl looks up at me questioning
“Why do you stare at them” she asks
I speak to this girl so much younger than me
“Because there is so much to see” I reply
“I see nothing” she whines
“Look very closely and you see everything”
“Everyone tells a story, but your mother is right”
I listen to her as I do everyone
“Well what’s your story?”
“A long and sad one” I reply
I don’t see it” she says
“I see your story” I say grinning
“You like lollipops”
She stares blankly at her lollipop and says “No”
“My mom gave it to me before she died”
Silence bustling
People get up and leave the bus
She stands alone and waves to me
Still sucking “Goodbye” she says
I just sit there wondering

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