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Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Day Nine.


The sidewalk is lit like fairy circles under a full moon,
But the spaces in between are darker than the deepest deluge.
It is in this space, between the moment of whispered words
Held in the bitterly cold night’s breeze saying Let there be light;
That I find myself staring at you.
Moving quickly by, briskly marching to the beat of an unknown cacophony
Like the heartbeat of a thunderbolt, your heel crushes the ground.
Step after step draws you closer to me.
I feel my earth quake and the air tremble as the space grows smaller
Until you are right before me like a hurricane making ground.
The tension in the air between us as the eyes of this storm
Share a sudden and incalculable gaze
Your eyes were the darkest shade of azul.
A storm brewing in them, that once released could never be stopped
I swear I could smell the scent of Petrichor on your breath.
That moment in the eye of the storm where we passed one another
In the darkest of spaces between the light of this earth
I knew you as the destroyer of all things the earth had made in me
I saw deep inside of you as you looked into me
I could see the smile in your eyes and the smirk on your lips
Somehow I always knew it would end like this.
With the silence of a storm and a solemn shared stare,
As the void of you, that claimed power over me, saw through my disguise
And knew only me; knew of the guilt in my heart,
and a forked tongue held behind clenched teeth.
The words lingered there as well,
Without ever sharing a word, our worlds where made whole
Bringing back full circle where my beginning made their end.
Our eyes spoke of failures neither of us could forget.
Your eyes cast across that darkness and shook me to my core
And in that darkness the final sonnet of sorrow sung from the dust of me:
I am so sorry.