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RIP: My Big Leaf

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

In University of Washington I found a gigantic leaf. IMG_7422

Yes, that leaf is as big as my torso. I loved that leaf for 48 hours but sadly I had to let it go when I got on the airport to leave. We had some good times walking around on campus and everyone on the tour commenting on it. Good times, good times. I wish it could have come with me, but I couldn’t put it in my bag.

So I did what any normal person would do. I threw it off the top of a parking garage. Oh wait, that isn’t normal. Oh well, my leaf deserved an abormal departure because it was so abnormal. I let it go and watched it fall to the ground five stories below.

In retrospect this wasn’t such a good idea becuase it could have landed on a car windowshiled which would have been very bad due to its huge proportions.

However this did not happen, it drifed down to the sidewalk where it lay forever as far as my knowledge will ever go. I hope someone else picked it up and realized how cool it was. Otherwise it will probably pass of as a piece of trash to the rest of the world who couldn’t care enough to stop and notice beauty lying in the middle of the street. Well at least you know about it now.

Good bye my leaf, I will miss you. I do know the irony about writing 300 words all about a leaf I found. I don’t care.