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Lethe (guide me)

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Be my guide
To the river banks
Walk with me
Through darkness
So I may
Find the light
That has been absent
From my life
For what feels like
An eternity in darkness

Hold my hand
And sing to me
A soft melody
To sooth my raging heart
Lead me to
The waters edge
Where memories are erased
Where past are forgiven
And forgotten

Stand with me
As I look down
As waves lap at my feet
Feeling its icy grip
Start inching up me
As stars watch overhead
And the wind
Heaves a heavy sigh
Pushing forward
Urging me to take
My final leap of faith

Watch me from the banks
As I wade deep
Into frigid waters
Each step determined
Premeditated and unstoppable
I don’t look back
I can’t
My thanks are washed
Away in the rivers tide
Carried away on the wind

Let me go
As I disappear forever
Be my guide
Into another world
Where no darkness exists
Let me walk away
Into the unknown
Where no man or beast
Can ever touch me again
Let the water swallow me
And whisk me away forever

This poem was based off of the legend of a river in Hades that once you step foot into your memories are washed away causing total forgetfulness.

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