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Apple Tree

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

I found God
Oh really, where
He was underneath
My grandpa’s old apple tree

Well isn’t that silly
Did you ask him
What he was doing
Underneath that tree
He said he was trying
To understand
Adam and Eve
I don’t know who they are
But he said they looked
Just like me
He said it made him sad
That his children
Had fallen so far away
I told him maybe
They would come back some day

Did you say anything else
I sure did
I asked about Grandpa
And my old dog Brick
God just laughed and said
They were happy here
But they missed me so
God told me
To be patient
That one-day
I would grow up
And the world would change
He said to me
That my soul
Would forever remain
Then he just got up
And smile down at me
Gave me an apple
And said one last thing
I am sorry dear child
This is the last time
You will ever see me
I have a lot of work
And no more time for play
I have to bring in Adam
And bring back eve
Take them from the serpents grasp
So they can remember me at last
Goodbye my child
This is the last time
You will ever see me
Why I asked
But he was already gone

The little boy turned to me
Unsure and sad
Where does God go
When he leaves the apple tree
Does he find others
Or is he just too busy

I don’t know
I somberly replied
But I am sure he is watching
And making sure you’re all right

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