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Harlequin’s Lullaby

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Dark hands
Reach for you
Suffocating, drowning
But yet you see
There is nothing
I can do

Water rushing up
All around you
A dark embrace
Never letting go
Just another puppet
In a marionette show

Puppets dance
Jointed dolls twirl
Then fall
Broken limbs, empty eyes
A shattered face
A ruined disguise

Strings plucked
Dark hands stream
The chords of your soul
Any moment to break
To fall back to earth
Just the devil’s stake

Frowns pulled
Into fake smiles
Masks drift towards you
Just people turned puppets
Never ending nightmare
Nothing to do to stop this

Marionettes twirl you about
Just pathetic toys
For a dark twisted God
Torn from the world
Into this evil façade

Dark hands
Empty eyes, broken masks
Sway on stage
An empty abyss
A song rising
Can’t you hear it
Drifting on the wind

Puppets sing, scream
Do you hear
Their desperate cry
This my dear
Is the
Harlequin’s lullaby

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Copper Harbor Collectives

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

IMG_4484_2 IMG_4569

Here are just some cool pictures taken in Copper Harbor Michigan. I went on an outing with my girl cousins up there during summer and we shopped around and explored.

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