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Venice: Accademia and Glass Art Show

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Right on the Grand Canal is the Accademia, a magnificent ancient religious art museum full of grandeur and mystery.

Hall after hall, room after room, filled with old representations of faith and religion. It is an interesting representation of faith through the ages through creative images. The paintings range from angelic to gruesome and simple beauty to intricate creativity. It is sort of overwhelming the amount of faith in one building. To think that each one of these paintings was made by a person that was so moved by faith and so dedicated to what they believed they had to share it with the world.

After we left the Accademia we had a quick lovely lunch in a campo where I had a ratatouille that was amazing. On our way to walk around we noticed a contemporary glass art show right near by us. So we decided to try it out and it was so much fun!

The first piece was a glass emu constructed of large glass marbles. It made for some very fun photo opportunities.

There were all sorts of other exhibits we had fun looking at and playing with for a while.

Outside was another strange exhibit, the Narrow House. A House that is incredibly narrow, maybe five feet wide.

We got to go inside and it has everything a normal house would, everything is just very skinny. There was a skinny phone, a skinny toilet and all sorts of other things. Oh and a tiny closet.

It was really fun just going and around and exploring odd parts of Venice like this. Sadly we had to leave Venice that next day and continue our journey onward to Tuscany.