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Saint Patrick’s Day

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

You may be wondering at this point in connection to the title, why the flowers. They aren’t green, there is no leprechaun hiding inside of it, and there is no possible way this photo can be related to Saint Patrick’s Day. My response to that would be:

You are correct. There is absolutely no correlation between Saint Patrick’s Day and this flower.

The question now remains as to way I chose this picture out of all the pictures I have (and that is quiet a collection to choose from). My answer, I don’t like Saint Patrick’s Day. To me, it is pointless, almost as pointless as connecting a totally unrelated photo to an irrelevant day.

No, a little leprechaun didn’t steal my gold or my four-leaf clover when I was little, I just never saw the point in this day. That is, until now.

It dawned on me today while I was downtown Santa Cruz just how genius of an idea Saint Patrick’s Day is. Think about it for a moment. On one day of the year, every person has been convinced to wear one color, green. As I was walking around I saw this, everyone was wearing the same color. Crowds of people all dressed in various shades of green.

These people are smart, we should pick random days throughout the year for each color. I just wonder how exactly did this idea get so deeply engraved into the mind of every man, woman, and child to wear green on March 17. I want to know the secret (I promise I won’t use it for brainwashing the random populace… well most of the time)

The power of suggestion it seems is a powerful one, or just the fear of being pinched. Who knows, at least I have somewhat more respect for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Slán go fóill