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Creeper Photo: Apple Mullet

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

I think it is tragically cute when children have mullets. Either that child’s hair just grew in strangely, which I can emphasize with because that was my case as well. (I had a bowl-shaped cut for the longest time because my hair would not grow, and yes I looked like a boy). Or else for some demented reason, the parents thought it would be adorable if their child had a mullet. The answer to that is no, even though children can pull off a mullet it is ill-advised. It is hard not to laugh when you see a kid with a mullet, but this child was adorable and laughable.

The fact that he is eating an apple is even cuter. It is always comic to watch a child eat an apple because the apple is so big in their little hands trying to take bites that are too big for them. This kid would make the funniest faces as he tried to eat this apple that dwarfed him.

Kids always seem to be cute no matter the circumstances, doesn’t seem fair, does it?


Poisoned Apple

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009


Reminds me of Snow White. The single fallen apple in a garden of dead leaves. Interesting. I wonder if the apple of Adam and Eve looked like this before it fell. Before it was plucked from the Tree of Knowledge. Yet again, interesting.


Teacher’s Apple

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

In my TOK class today we broached the subject as to why kids would give apples to their teachers. No one knew. The teacher so kindly told us that the teachers were given apples so they would be healthy because the teachers were revered in the community and needed to be kept healthy.

I on the other hand, have a different idea about why apples where the gift of choice.

Apples, let me say, are one of my favorite fruits next to watermelon. But that is beside the point. Apples, however tasty they are, are extremely deceptive fruits believe it or not. I think teachers were given apples instead of, lets say pencils or paper, because:

Apples can appear nice, shiny, and perfect when presented as a gift, but can easily decieve you in their appearance. Students give teachers their old apples simply because the teacher can’t tell on first glance, or second glance that the apple is indeed bad. When you look at an apple most of the time you can’t tell that it has been beaten to death in the bottom of your backpack and can appear as a kind and geniune gift towards your teacher.

This is also why you never see teachers eating the gifted apples, because after closer inspection they realized the horrible shape they were in. So teachers take the offering and thank the child who actually isn’t doing them a favor, but getting rid of their trash some other way because they couldn’t find a trash can close enough for their liking.

It isn’t because the kids hate their teachers, it is out of pure laziness that kids do this. It isn’t a direct attack, but a different way of getting rid of the foods they have but don’t want to deal with.

Sorry to break it to you, but it is true. Maybe, maybe, a kid does do it to be nice, but who wants to carry an apple around all day just to hand it over to someone else. Seriously?

That is why I don’t give apples to teachers, personally I think it is almost rude to do so in my opinion. This is what I think about ever time I see an uneaten apple on a teacher’s desk.

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